The plea by an unborn child


I don't want to open my eyes
Neither wish to hear anything
From the torment of inhumanity
Where men is biggest rival
Quarreling for power

Oh human dark creature!
You want to kill someone
Because he is competent
You want to knock off on other resources
For self satisfaction
Manslaughter is not sin

One shower will make you pious
Hurting yourself will make you dignified
What is the definition of dignity?
Making your heinous actions
Vanished by eradicating the truth

Who do you call honourable?
The one who plays with public emotions
The super powers who are fighting like dogs
Not apprehensive with humanity
They crave power
No matter how much bloodshed

I see darkness in Gaza
But you glimpse only white skins
I notice conflict in Kashmir
But you only stand with power
Not for the powerless

Terrorism, has dual definition for you
You human beings are biased
Freedom smash this slogan!
When you murder honest journalists
You adore hate speech

Do you discern how many times
You have assassinated
My other versions because
You didn't wanted us

You dump us in dustbins
You slaughter those
Who gave us birth
Because our gender is female

Whenever you wanted to terrify others
A nuclear bomb is enough for dominance
I saw the agony which you call world
You have rule on each breath

You can prepare toxins in labs
You can flush the dead bodies
Your hearts are vicious
But your military is strong

God I don't want to appear here
They are cruel humans
They can crack me into peace
They wanted to play with my organs

They don't know how to treat each other
How will they manage my presence?
Their family system is wracked
They dislike age
Their beliefs are interim

They don't respect religions
Anything beyond their benefit
Needs to be ridden
Before the next breath

They use humans as entertainment
They kill other as being dishonoured
God take me back
I can't endure in the heaven of barbarians

They surpassed the moon
But can't stay in peace on earth
They can separate water
But can't segregate hate from love

Their faces are disguised
They are judgmental
They are artificial
They are devils

God please have sympathy on me
I am too innocent to survive
Your hell is better than this torture
I don't want to become successful
I don't want to be slain by someone

God I don't want to be called their progeny
Their environment sickness me
Don't send me into the hell of Devil
Shatter me into pieces

Make me anything
Take my soul away
But don't give me birth on such place
I don't want to become victim
Of barbarity or inhumanity

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How many factual words have you used....indeed, This world is hell now, where innocent people are robbed of their innocence and cruel people are roaming around openly. Where no one gets justice far and wide. This world does not allow anyone to live but kills alive.


The poem is an abstract from a poem I read in the 3rd semester. I wanted to add some additional points where the advancement has made people blind. Their biased faces are cruel in case of a judgement. Who will want to arrive in this world? Well, you have pointed out some further points and it's fact that men are inferior to animals these days in the case of humanity. Thanks for the feedback sehzadi 👍


Not only has success made people blind, they don't even care about people's lives to get ahead of each other.

My pleasure cutie💕


This poem is not so long but i think it's enough to describe the situation of whole world in recent time.

We all are saying that we are going ahead and developing ourselves with time but actually humanity is disappearing with time and it's the bitter truth.

To be honest I am impressed after reading the whole poem . Thank you for sharing such kind of thing.


Advancement is bringing more chaos the facts I described are not minor, lives are not saved specifically the honour killing, unethical politics and barbarism. I wanted to lengthen it but Intishar more we will speak more hate will prevail in our souls. Thanks for the feedback 🌟