Vegetable is easily grown , it's commonly grown in a small garden around the house, it's grown in case when the urgency comes you just go to them instead of going to the market or farm


Owning a vegetable garden right in front of your house makes things a little bit easy for you to access some fresh vegetables ,it doesn't have to be big only a small portion of land is what you need for this .


The urgency that sometimes comes up when I am suddenly craving for a certain vegetative plant can not always be met with satisfaction of finding it in any of the close by markets and even if I do find it it is never as fresh as the one that I have uprooted from my garden,some of them have been exposed to the sun all day long and have lost so much that the leaves don't have the usual vegetative attraction any more .


Some sellers put them in bowls containing what so as to reduce the effects of heat on it , that one is good idea but it can only last a while before the seeds start to get rotten due to the long exposure that it has experienced,so the best

option is to get it from my garden when I need it that way I am less stressed,more options from different vegetables to pick from and fresh more nutritive vegetables for little to no expenses.

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