Fish is good for health!!


What is the condition of all friends, I hope all will be well, today I went to the river with friends to eat fish as well as to visit place to refresh my minds on week end.

Due to the muscular work throughout the week, there is also good place and fresh fish is eaten here. Doctors say that it is necessary to eat fish at least twice in a week.

They are many vitamins are found in fish, which is very important for our health, for example, vitamin D and B2 are found a lot in it.

Apart from this, calcium, phosphorus and iron and many more minerals are present in it, which are very beneficial for our health, so we should include fish in our everyday diet.


The style of cooking fish is different in every country. Every family knows how to cook fish cooking methods and most of the fish is fried in our society and it is eaten this way a lot but according to my opinion this method is not very suitable for our health.
You know the best way to cook is, cooking by steam or if it is cooked on a coals, then it can prove to be more beneficial for health. Fish is a great blessing for us and we must take advantage of its benefits.


However, after cooking the fish in any way, it should be made a necessary part of our food so that we can get all the vitamins and minerals present in it for our health, it is a gift from which we must take benefits by eating.

Thank you