Is Horse Riding A Skill?


This is a question that every man will answer according to his thinking, because in the olden days it was considered a common ride and almost every man knew how to ride.
Horses were used extensively for general transport but nowadays horse riding is practiced only for specific purposes.
Horses usually used in battles and for going from one place to an other but nowadays due to the progress in life, the situation has changed, new vehicles have been invented for travelling which is more cheap and faster than horses.

Almost every country's army uses horses because horses are very useful in silent traveling, so the army uses horses for its purpose and apart from this they are a necessary part of the war.

These are the two soldiers of our country who are in the condition of watching area while riding horse, they are going on the road in front of us, along with this some women are travelling on rickshaw.

These people are near here and came near a border to see the flag parade of their soldiers, it is often visited in the evening where they often come.


We should take out a few hours from busy life just for recreation and enjoyment.