My son ambitions in education for career!!


If your planning is started from the beginning in life, then efforts for success can be done in a better way and The convenience of achieving targets is also easily done because your thinking works best to achieve your objectives and those spirits play an important role in getting good career.

I have four sons but in all of them this son of mine has a very strong passion and he is determined from the very beginning to get higher status and knowledge to work for his country.


When he started speaking, he used to ask a lot of questions and pointing to everything and asking (what is this?), he used to ask this question many times in a day and till he got a satisfy answer, he used to ask this question again and again.


When there is suspense about something in knowing any thing, he tries his best to know it and this is the formula to get the glory that when you are interested about something, then you should know about it completely because your mind is ready to get the knowledge of that thing and you can get that information in a good way.


The hobby of this child is that when it sees something, he tries to get its perfect knowledge and until he is not satisfied, he keeps trying to know it.

When questions arise in the mind of the child so the answer to that question should be obligatory, rather you should completely satisfied him so that the suspense arising in his mind can be ended and he can quench his thirst for knowledge and want to know about something else.


Whenever I ask him questions, I see top-class thoughts in the answers and he keeps his thinking of a different level because the passion to move forward in him is very much and I help such a child to grow well.

Being a teacher, I am always on the lookout for such children who have this kind of emotion and prefer to answer their questions that arise in their minds.

We should give full attention to children because children are our tomorrow and therefore we should pay attention to their health, knowledge, ambitions and thoughts particularly.


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