Traffic jams have a big impact on one’s life.

Traffic jams can create a lot of problems in one’s life. Traffic jams are a serious issue which can cause much damage to one’s daily activities.


The stress and frustration that come from traffic jams is one thing that always makes everyone wish they had never been caught up in one.

Many individuals have lost a lot of valuable things because of traffic jams. For example, work, life, and appointments.
It also causes environmental pollution. For example, air and noise pollution.

Although traffic jams have their advantages as well. For example, many individuals get to meet and make new friends; some even get to meet their spouse in a traffic jam.

It is also an avenue for some individuals to sell and advertise their goods. For example, the hawkers that sell goods along the roadside. However, the disadvantage of traffic jams is greater than the advantage.

The good experience some people have had in traffic jams is something that sometimes makes them wish for traffic jams to occur. For me, it is something I would never wish for because of the bad experience I have had with it.

In July this year, during the sallah festival (Eid-el-kabir), a friend of mine invited me to come over to his place in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria to come and celebrate Eid-el-Kabir with him, which I agreed to.

I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be stressed out by the journey since it would be a two-hour journey. Little did I know that it would be longer than that.

Two days after Eid-el-Kabir, I embarked on the journey which took me four hours to get out of Kano state city because of the traffic jam caused by the people celebrating Eid-el-Kabir in the city.

It was really a bad traffic jam experience for me because of the stress I had to go through sitting in the car for six hours on a journey that was supposed to last two hours.

Ever since the experience, I promised myself never to travel during any Eid-el-Kabir celebration while I am still in Kano state because of the traffic jam during the Eid celebration.

In conclusion, traffic jams are time-consuming, cause lots of delays in one’s daily activities, and have a massive impact on one’s life.


It's true that sometimes traffic jams bring benefits to hawkers. Thank you for sharing the information here.