My Elementary Days: From Playground Gangster To Campus Hero



Hello Hivers! @baby.magic here, back again with another funny story that will surely put a smile on all yo' faces.

So let's get to it.

This is the 4th instalment of a series of post that I'm gonna do about my elementary days. So enjoy!

Playground Gangster

I acted like a gangster in the school playground back in 3rd grade hence the header. Part of the reason I did it was I didn't have much of an allowance and the other part was 'coz my father watches too many gangster movies, e.g. The Godfather, so that's where the idea came from.


This is the entrance to the social hall where all the kids played during recess, lunch break and after school.

Ever heard of the saying "Everybody cheats at least once in their lives." Well, i didn't just did it once. I did it on a daily basis in the school playground. From teks cards, marbles, rubber bands, you name it I cheated at it. There's nothing wrong with it just don't get caught. And I would sell all my winnings back to the kids in the playground. Until it became my reputation and no one wanted to play with me anymore 'coz I would always win. So business wasn't doing good, I didn't have anything to sell to the kids coz I wasn't winning anything. So like any prolific gangster would do, I thought of other rackets to make money.


This is the area outside the social hall where the tex cards game is played.

Then I notice that there are teenage outsiders that hangout in the school playground. So I devise a plan and called for a meeting with these teenage outsiders. And so I pitch my idea to them and they willingly agreed. The idea was to collect a small fee from the kids who wanted to play in the playground. And the kids couldn't do anything about it coz my associates were a lot bigger and older. If you didn't pay, you are not allowed to use the playground. And I explained to the kids that the fee was for their own protection. So they won't be cheated on even though I was the one behind all the cheating that was going on in the playground. So everyday during recess, I would visit the playground and tell my boys to start collecting the fee. Try to picture it in your head, a 9-year-old giving orders to a group of teenagers.

WTF to that!


This is the area outside the social hall where the game of marbles is played.

Business was doing good until one of the kids ratted me out to his teacher. Unlike in the movies where the boss gives out an order to whack the rat, there was nothing I could do with this kid. And I didn't have a consigliere to give me an advice on what to do in this situation. I tried watching the movie but it didnt have anything there to help me with either. And so I was called to the principal's office and this is how it went.

The Trial

Principal: They tell me you and your friends collect money from the kids in the playground. What can you say about that?

Me: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Principal: But they saw you taking money from the kids."

Me: That wasn't me. It was my twin brother.

Principal: What do you mean it was your twin brother? You don't have a twin brother.

Me: I have a twin brother you just don't know about it.

Principal: We live in a smalltown. Everybody knows everybody. And everybody knows what there is to know about everybody.

Me: Well, I'm sticking to my story. I didn't do it and it was my twin brother.

[The room was silent for 5 minutes coz the principal was just staring at me.]

Principal: Okay, kid! Let's just say you have a twin brother and you didn't do it. I'm gonna forget all this coz I'm friends with your parents but if I ever hear the same complaint against you again whether it's you or your imaginary twin brother I'm kicking you out of this school. Capiche!?

I just nodded. And I was free to go but before I could leave the office the principal said to me,

Principal: I don't know how you convinced those teenagers to work for you but that's very impressive. If only you would use your brains to something good I think you'd make us all proud.

So I was off the hook with no punishment or disciplinary action. I renounced gang life after that trial.

The National Sportsfest


The court where we practice basketball.

Fast-forward to three years later. I joined the try-outs for the upcoming national sportsfest that was gonna be held in a town next to ours. And I got accepted.. in 5 events. Baseball, boxing, running, relay and don't forget Basketball.


The track where we practice relay and running.

Before you can play in the national level you'd have to win in the divisions, and then the regionals. And we were able to win it all so we qualified for the nationals.


The field where we practice baseball.

What I'm about to share to you is true and happened in real-life.

So it was the gold-medal game for basketball and we were pitted against a very strong team. Now, I'm not gonna go through the whole game to cut the story short. We won the game and I was so happy and just 10 seconds into the celebration my boxing coach pulled me out coz the gold-medal match for boxing was waiting for me.

So I had to cancel my celebration and went inside the ring in a basketball uniform competing in a boxing match. So they made me change my upper uniform. The introductions were longer than the actual fight as it only lasted for less than 10 seconds. I knocked the guy out in less than 10 seconds. All those fights in the playground finally paid off. So when the referee started waving his hands signalling that the fight was over I jumped in celebration but my baseball coach had to cut my celebration short coz the baseball finals had already started and they were down 3 points after 8 innings.

So I had to go to the baseball field to help the baseball team in my basketball shorts and boxing shirt. I put on my studded baseball shoes so I could run faster. I was the starting pitcher and designated hitter for my team. And let me tell you I was starting to become the highlight of the games, coz I keep winning gold medals in mixed-up uniforms. Yeah, we won the baseball gold-medal match. So we won right and the next thing you do is celebrate but NO. The relay match have been put on hold coz I was still competing in the baseball finals. So after the baseball game ended they pulled me out right away so that they can start the 400-m relay.

So in my baseball shoes, basketball shorts and boxing shirt I competed in the relay and guess what.. we won the gold medal. I was so tired that I didn't feel like celebrating I just wanna lie down and rest but I couldn't 'coz the highlight event of the games was about to start. The event that would determine who the fastest person is in our country. The 100-m dash.

But this time they made me change to the actual uniform of the event coz I was starting to look like a clown. And with all the energy left in my body I competed in the 100-m dash and I won. When I got passed the finish line I went to the ground right after and I lie there. Exhausted and drained-out of energy. They were celebrating and I wanted to join them but I couldn't coz I was so tired. 5 gold medals in 5 different events.

Now, you're probably thinking that was it but then the swimming coach approach me while I was lying on the ground and told me that the athlete who was supposed to compete in the gold-medal match for swimming injured his leg and couldn't participate anymore so they needed someone to take his place. And they thought I should take his place. So I told the swimming coach,..

"FYI Coach! I don't know how to swim. What do you want me to do? Jumped in the water and then cry for help right after. Help! Help! Im drowning. I'm drowning."

And the prick just smiled. So I went back to resting my body.

Campus Hero

So after the games was over. All the athletes went home to their respective provinces. And we were celebrated in our campus like heroes. It was the first time our school had won a gold medal in the national sportsfest and not just one but five. So I made a courtesy call to the principal and this is how it went,

Principal: How are you?

Me: I'm good, Sir! Thank you for asking.

Principal: I asked for you coz I want you to tell your twin brother that I'm thankful to him for giving this school such great honor.

Me: I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have a twin brother.

Principal: Oh, but you do. I asked your parents about it and they told me you have a twin brother. The one who played in the games and gave us 5 gold medals.

Me: What?! I just made up that story up about having a twin brother so you wouldn't kick me out of the school. I was the one who won all those gold medals.

And the principal just laughed. I realized he was just busting my balls. So I just laughed too. So we talk and after that I left the office but before I could he said something to me that I will never forget,..

"Remember what I told you 3 years ago, about you making all of us proud if you used your brains into something good? Well, I wasn't wrong."

And I just replied with,

"I didn't do it to make you all proud. I thought there was money in it that's why I did it."

And I left.

[End of Story]


Thank you for making it to the end of this story I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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And my name is @baby.magic & that's it for now. Jah bless!

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All photos taken from my phone.


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Dude, another great post. But WTF was that long ass paragraph. You just have to make your paragraphs 5-7 lines long at best. It was painful getting through it.

Great job though.


Hehe sorry about that! I got lazy.😅


Five medals, I don't know how you could with so much (hehe) and you almost drowned. I knew you were driven by money (hehe)