Hardworking People Of The Village And Something That You Can See Only In Villages

Hardworking people of the village and something that you can see only in villages

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 Writing today's post after a long time because I went to my village and spent almost a week there and there I saw many things which can be seen only in the village, like the hardworking people there. There are a lot of activities in the early morning which we do not get in the cities. 









Same happened when I went to my village on Holi and I stayed there for about a week and enjoyed a lot there. Did a lot and saw what is rarely seen Beautiful views of green farming and the hard work of the villagers who do in their fields As you see in the picture an old man is watering his fields early in the morning And he is old he is about 85 years old and still he is very healthy no disease no disease and if you look carefully at that picture you will see a small cat sitting on his feet probably his pet cat was and watching her master watering other thing you see radish garlic ginger coriander and many types of vegetables are grown in these farms and some of them are still grown and all these vegetables are organically grown , There is no chemical spraying, the land here is very fertile, vegetables are in abundance. Another special thing that I saw here is that people here do not sell their vegetables, they grow vegetables in their fields for daily use and use in home, fully grown vegetables,

organically grown Gone vegetables, always with difficulty. This is also a very valuable thing that we eat in the village.





The second thing is to feed the birds that come to your yard early in the morning, and as I see I have given the bird a day or two. The bird's habit is that it comes early in the morning, someone is putting some grains on the roof, you can also see in the picture that he has put the grains and they are eating, there is a different love between animals and humans in Village. because all his work is related to that you can see how beautiful the evening view is the camera is not good yes the picture is not good but the feeling inside is very wonderful






there are many types of flowers grown here you Let's see in this, in the pictures I have taken, you can see that goat kids can also see animals eating grass. You people must also visit your village sometimes, you get a different experience by going there, which is rarely seen in the citie.....

Thanks-you i hope you like it and share your firday market experience with this community.