How Many Types Of Snooker Games Do You Get There?

How many types of snooker games do you get there?
Hello Friends! and #Snooker Lover's how are you guys?? I hope you all are well,

Friends, I have been playing snooker for the last 7 years and have played snooker in many clubs and have played different types of snooker games in many places. And almost every weekend I go to snooker club whose name is Jai Golu Snooker Club


First of all, let me tell you about snooker, there are 22 balls in snooker in which there are 15 red balls, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1, brown, 1, blue, 1 pink, 1 black and one white ball. And white ball is called queue ball and all balls except red are called color ball, in general, the snooker played has general rules.
how snooker is played


In the snooker table, the ball is put in a systematic manner as shown in the first picture, in which there is a line in a 1/4th part of the table and it has a slant D, from which we have to play with the queue ball in the first shot. Now let's talk about every ball has a definite place where it is kept, in which yellow ball is kept on one part of D on the right side and green ball is kept on the other left side and brown ball is placed in the middle. After that the blue ball is placed at the mid point of the table and then the pink ball is placed at the mid point of the 3/5 part and then with the help of triangular frame all the ball together behind the pink ball like this It is kept that the top of the triangle is exactly equal to the pink ball and finally the black ball is placed below the red ball in the line of the pink ball, you can see all this in the picture.
Now to start the game you have to hit the queue ball with the stick and hit the queue ball in such a way that it hits the triangular frame of the red ball


After the break of the frame, you have to pot the red ball with the help of the white ball in your turn. After potting each red ball, you have to choose a color ball to pot. Repeat until you miss to pot the ball and similarly after all the red balls are finished you will pot the color ball which also has a serial first yellow then green then brown then blue then pink and finally black In which red ball is of 1 point and yellow 2 similarly green 3 brown 4 blue 5 pink 6 and black 7 and in the end the player with the most points will win
We used to play many types of snooker games in which some of the famous ones are one on one, pool (seepage in local language), race on sloc etc.

One on one

all the international rules are there and it is played the same way.



Pool / Drip -

This would have been a bit different, in which two to 6 players play, whose frame looks somewhat different as you see in the picture,

pool .jpg

in which there is a red ball in a triangular shape from all four sides and all the color balls are in the middle Those who are placed randomly, there is a series of matches as many players are playing in this game, suppose 6 players are playing, then a series of 6 matches, in this each player will get a token for potting 2 red balls, in which the color of the color ball or The number will be written if he pots his token ball after potting two red balls then he will win
The second game is race in which only one red is played with the color ball and this time the red is of 10 points. There will be 10 points which are found between black and pink


and it is of a limited points like 300,400 it is your choice how many points you play.


The third game is sloss in which a white ball is hit with a red with a color ball and this time the red is of 20 points and the white ball is of 40 points if you play the red ball, if you pot, you will get 20 points. You will get points and if you are not able to pot then you will get -20 points and similarly if you pot a white ball you will get 40 points and if you cannot pot then you will get -40 points white The ball is in line with the brown ball at the top and the red ball which is facing the black ball at the bottom as you can see in the picture,


and it is also of limited points like 1000 it is your choice. How many points play, the rules of its play are slightly different from the rest of the game, in this we get two canons and after that we either pot the pot or the canon thus the one who completes the target first wins

Thanks..... I hope you all like that...


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