Market Friday: Island of Forts (visual history of 14 photos)


The Island of Forts is a new urban cultural cluster of Kronstadt dedicated to the history of the Navy. On the territories with a total area of more than 100 hectares adjacent to the Coastal Harbor, a museum and historical park, a museum of naval glory, a landscaped embankment and a number of other objects of tourist and recreational, social, scientific, educational and supporting infrastructure are being created. Also on the territory of the cluster there are forts "Kronshlot", "Peter I" and "Emperor Alexander I", which will be restored.

Let's start with the most beautiful... although, everything is beautiful here, starting with the views of the bay and ending with the park area. I have already shown once you are part of this territory. But it was summer, there were a lot of people and it was very hot.



The Fleet History Alley looks very convincing. I won't be able to show you every artifact, it will take more than one post. I didn't even shoot every one of them. But take my word for it, everything is done very beautifully with the names of admirals and dates of battles and other important events.




This is only one alley. And here there is where to walk and what to see. You can even train your muscles on quite solid simulators with a variable load on any muscle group.

The simulators are located in an open area and have free access. It's nice.




By the way, the entrance to the territory is also free, the toilets are free (but with heating, soap and hot water in the tap. This is a rare phenomenon for the city.

There are also funny moments. The inscription on this bench is difficult to accurately translate into English. There is a wordplay going on here, which only native speakers can fully understand. I'll try to rephrase it and translate it.

Divers are divers under water, divers climb into the water with their heads
Divers are divers underwater, divers climb into the water with their heads.
Here's something like this :)




And this is the road to the fort "Peter 1". It runs along a small dam. At the foot of the dam I found a "wooden sculpture". This is a fragment of a wooden beam burned from different sides. I left it as you see it in the photo.
Maybe it will be useful to someone.



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Интересный репортаж.
Но почему "маркет"?

Сколько в Питере мест интересных.


I love this place! I remember how crowded it was this summer. This looks so much nicer without the throngs of people all over the place. Normally I don't mind crowds, but, in small spaces- no thank you!

I didn't understand the words about the diver, but, I will try to look it up and see if that helps.

It is truly beautiful and I am so glad you brought us back! On the dam, there looks as if something was built, like a small rail?

Thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see so many participating every week. I have learned so much about the different cultures of the world, especially the small things that go unnoticed except by those looking for them. Life is interesting, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. I hope the week has found you healthy and happy, as we all look to prosper in our way of life.

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I also don't like crowds of people in such places. But what to do, there are too many willing in the summer. It's much quieter there now.

Phrases about a diver contain a play on words. Only native speakers will be able to accurately understand this humor. It is difficult for me to translate into English more accurately.

Previously, various small cargoes were delivered to and from the pier on these flights. I understand that. But I didn 't find this time and I can only guess )

Thank you for an interesting contest and comment. I am always happy to participate in it :)

Cheers and !BEER
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