No exit.


About forty years ago, I learned that at an abandoned construction site, in a deep, flooded basement, there were newts.

Lol, I have always been passionate about animals and went there in search of these bright and interesting amphibians.

I walked around the scary-looking foundation for a long time, until I saw a manhole at ground level that led underground.

A rope was tied to a piece of rebar sticking out of the wall, which was hidden in the dark.

I shouted loudly and heard an echo that came from the depths of the basement.

The hole was narrow and I decided to climb there feet first and it was the right decision, this window was under the ceiling of the basement and I had to go down the rope.

The rope did not reach the floor and I had to jump down.

I stood on a mountain of some garbage, it was twilight around, the rays of the sun penetrated through small holes in the ceiling.

There was a lot of water around, jumping from one island to another, I made my way deep into this man-made cave.

At some point, I saw movement in the water and, reaching out my hand, I caught a huge newt.

My delight knew no bounds.

Previously, I had never held these creatures in my hands.

Later, I caught a few more animals and headed home...

As it turned out, I could not jump to the rope.

The word panic is a weak comparison, there were no mobile phones then, and no one knew where I was going.

Do you know how many thoughts went through my head?

At some point, I decided to go in search of another way out.

Making my way through the thick cobwebs and dark rooms for generations in the water, I hoped to find at least some loophole.

And, when I was already desperate, I saw a faint light behind a vertical partition, which was hidden behind some kind of steel structure, I went there.

A few more steps and I was outside, I did not have to climb up, I was at the bottom of a ravine that brought me to the surface.

Since then, I believe that there are no hopeless situations.


Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera.

Author @barski