Yellow Wednesday - Color challenge - Music of flower dreams.

I wonder what kind of dreams flowers have?

Yes, perhaps you will argue that flowers don’t have any dreams, that they are unreasonable creatures, because they don’t have brains, but this needs to be explained by an oat seed that can crawl from place to place in search of a suitable place to sprout and put down roots, or a vine that knows it has to spiral in order to wrap itself around something that will allow it to get closer to the sun.

Usually, our ignorance of something is usually called the word - impossibility.

I have a slightly different opinion on this matter and do not exclude the possibility that flowers can dream, at least in my fantasies, lol.

Yes, I have met people who only dream in black and white and never dream of bright colors, sad.

I think that the dreams of flowers may look like bright, colored flashes, for example, in yellow flowers they are yellow, but. I can be wrong and the spectrum of dreams is much wider.


Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera.

Author @barski.