Crown of Thorns Flower as Plant Decorator


The brightness of an ornamental plant is not far from the shape and color that are striking in the eyes, as we usually see in planting flowers in various places. Although these flowers sometimes have poisons and are dangerous to grasp, but the typical appearance of flowers can comfort the eyes and minds of the beholder.

Yesterday I saw a flower plant which is located in the home environment, has beautiful flowers and the tree from the flower has thorns that are dangerous to the touch. The name of this flower is "thorny crown" and if we think this name is very suitable for the plant, the crown in question is at the end of this tree which is pink flowers.

I captured it using a cellphone camera (Vivo Z1 Pro) by focusing on this thorn, and the results were quite satisfying. As I have explained in previous posts, interestingly a photo is not far from the quality and focus that is targeted to enter perfectly.


I could not aim fully at this flower, the results were not so perfect and the focus that I was targeting was also not entirely apparent. If the lack of a lens to capture all objects, try our choice can make the picture or the photo interesting and without eliminating the characteristics of the plant.

Like the results of the photo I have chosen, the distinctive color and shape remain the characteristics of the flower. Although only with a photo of a tree, but there are typical of the tree and the typical color of the flower, so the results are more interesting.


Note in the following figure, the distinctive colors and shapes of these flowers appear on one side. And maybe this is the result (interesting) I mean above, even if only by using a simple lens, but how to take it can be said to be perfect.

There is also another side that we can take and make photos more interesting. With the help of a beautiful background and focus on flowers that choose to make the results more satisfying. But unfortunately here the background in question is not clear, because besides this page is not very interesting, so my choice is only on this interest.


Well, the results of the photo above are also supported by the application (Snapseed), here I am slightly editing it on the color around the flower and making it look soft. I did not change the shape and color, because I knew this was the characteristic of the plant.

I also wanted to shoot this plant at sunset, but because of the time I waited it was not possible so the results were only a few versions. Maybe if there is an opportunity going forward I will find the moment and display it here.

Photo by @barvon
Camera by : Vivo z1 pro
Location : Aceh
Application : Snapseed

Thank you to all of you, especially to someone who has the same hobby as me, a photographer, I also still learn to use cameras and editing. If the above results can cheer you up, I will be very happy to see it, and if on the contrary I am also sorry, maybe in the next post I will try for the best results.


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