Phase 2 Continuing Development for this building

This building is not an old building or an fragile building, this building is a mosque or place of worship of ISLAM. However, because the construction has not been completed 100%, now is the time for us to plan further handling so that it works for the surrounding community.

The team and I were assigned to plan the follow-up building which had already been built around 50% more, it is likely that the budget issued by the government is not enough for 100% of this building to be completed.


We rushed to the location of the work and measured all sides of this building, this is what makes us tired. As I told in a previous post, the most complicated civil engineering work is the rehabilitation or further construction that we are planning.

Why complicated?

This allows the planning team to be exhausted and spend a little time there, the problem is in the plan drawing. As a Drafter (Draftsman) must be able to display Existing drawings to be integrated with the plan drawings. In this case the size that must be known is the size of the basic building, and make a picture in accordance with the building.

When compared with new construction planning work, it is clearly lighter work than construction rehabilitation. And the time we spend is also not small.


Some of the photos that I captured were only for purposes when making basic images, the size that we can also have to be really fit. Because if the image we make is different from the results in the field, a big mistake and maybe the work is no longer in accordance with the specified time, this is a big problem.


In this plan, the focus is on the roof of the building, to be used or occupied in the future. The roof in question is the dome of the mosque, and we can beautify it with a flexible design.

Below you can see the shape of the building from the insid
e, this is not an ancient building, but because the building has no one to care for and maintain the building looks like it is old. Basically, the strength of this building is still very strong, because it was only two years ago before we renovated it again.





If so, then the time shown to us is also fairly long. Because we have to make planning products according to what is in the initial work location.

Construction Budget

The construction budget is also large for the rehabilitation of construction, because if the budget is too small then the possibility of the building will not be 100% complete. But the budget for the planning team is just normal as usual, because the planning team will only be paid according to the budget for construction costs and that is only a few percent. 😥

Even so the name in the field of Civil Engineering is inseparable from great responsibility, although sometimes the work we get is sometimes complicated or vice versa.

Equipment used :

  • Short meter

  • Meters long

  • camera

  • Pencil/pen

  • Blank book or paper

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Eraser

  • Auto-Cad application

  • And other aids

All jobs have their own risks, and every job is easy and some is complicated, but it all depends on our thinking. Thank you to all of you, good luck always on your side. Sincerely for you.


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Thank You For All


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