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Be smart, active and proactive !


Think about adapting you buy/sell walls to reflect actuel ECU value. especially if you want to take a little profit.

To know the value in real time, you can surf on:

The picture used in this post was taken on the site, you will reach an http site as the security is brought, when needed, by the blockchain.

It would be sad to exchange ECU outside the range of its true value. If the market does not provide acceptable offers, remember you can MINT new ECU directly from HBD's, or you might buy some NFT, and at worse you can keep them until market gets back to normal.


Fact : the more ECU are circulating, the more we achieve prosperity in the community. Thank to our Buy-Back program.

Minting (creation) ECU


For those who wants to avoid margins or if you need bigger volume, you can create newly minted ECU.

X HBD + 1.8% (fee)= X ECU minted to buyer, contact @itharagaian beforehand!

Hbd should be sent to @synergie account (they will stake them, as a proof of holding).
Do not send before agreement with Ithara, everything is manual at this moment.

Each circulating ECU brings prosperity to the whole comunity, 85% of the interestes of the staked HBD is used in the Buy-Back program, so it returns to our members!

Burning (destruction) ECU


Time to get your money back ? Even if the market is not at its best when you need to cash out, yu can burn the ECU and get your principal back !

But we do not Burn like others, we prefer to try to save our token, so do NOT send them to @NULL as they would not be compensated, send them to @synergie, whom will try to pay in liquid HBD to you to avoid the ECU burn, and in worst case, will burn them, unstake the needed HBD and send them to you 3 days later (Last recourse).

We do not like "Burning", as sooner or later it means the ECU disappearance, and those who "believe" in Burning only simulate scarcity as they can MINT new token until they reach the max authorized token, and yes, we knos that amount is ludicrously high... Thus : Simulating :-)
And that is why we prefer not to brun them as long as we can avoid it.

But we need to keep that option open to garantee the pair ECU/HBD and stabilize the token as promised : 1ECU = 1 HBD .

So, I will reming the procredure:

  • Contact @itharagaian
  • Send to @synergie (not to @null)
  • Synergie will compensate in HBD immediately if enough in liquidity or will chose tu burn the ECU's and unstake needed HBD. They will be sent to you when unstaked, thus 3 days later.

The amount received will be :

X ECU sent to @synergie - 1.8% (fee) = X HBD recevied.


To avoid @itharagaian to spend his whole day and night in exchanging the tokens, we would like to evaluate your requests, to limit the decimals to cents, as we shall not brun nor mint below it.
Format : X.XX only.

Below cent, please consider first using the market on hive-engine.

We dco not fix minimal values, yet . We want to thrust our community, but if abuses happen, we reserve the rights to set such minimals.


Our programe is made in such way that only growth is possible, with several mechanisms.

1- Staked HBD bring interests, 85% of those are used in buy-backs of ECU available on market. If market doe snot provide enough liquidity, then we can diversify and invest for an even better return.

2- @ hive-143869 sells most of the tokens it receives tru posts/votes, buys ECU with them to send them to @entraide.rewards.

3- @entraide.rewards covnerts all its profits into delegation to our program, making the delegation constantly growing. Bringing more and more rewards with posts/votes to the community.

4- Delegators regularly vote on quality posts, generating new rewards for authors and community members. The power down of those profits are used to buy available ECU which are dispatched to our delegators.

Several ways that make the ECU wanted by many. so, why waiting ? Join us ! :-)

Contact us on our discord, or on hive -> @itharagaian
Growing Together it's our credo !


join us on discord !

LA TAVERNE ENTR'AIDE - Where Gamers and streamers meet Crypto Adepts
Grandir ensemble... C'est notre devise.

Discord : Discuter ensemble (Oral et écrit)
ECU : https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=ECU
Notre site officiel : http://itharagaian.duckdns.org/index.php/but-fonctionnement
Lives : Notre chaîne Twitch
Monnaie Taverne : https://peakd.com/fr/@hive-143869/la-taverne-les-ducats-et-les-rangs

Delegations :

Délégations en un click: 10 HP | 50 HP | 100 HP | 500 HP |1000 HP | 5000 HP

Pour une délégation autre, copiez le texte et notez le nombre de HP à la place du mot montant.
Pour annuler vos délégations, vous pouvez remplacer montant par 0 dans la case HP, mais nous serions triste de ne plus plus vous compter parmi nos généreux délégateurs...



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