Major Psyber X Update on SMOOTH play and AMA with PSBYER-X bear-style


Psyber-X NFT Utility

"Psyber-Decks is going to be the first mini-game provided by these side developers (Psyber-Decks is not developed by the Psyber-X crew, but we're providing the information they need to be able to incorporate our NFTs). They've already let us know that there are several other games they're building at the same time based on gaming formats we all love, like tower defense, top-down shooters, and of course Psyber-Decks which is a turn-based strategy game. Therefore...if you own NFTs from Psyber-X, you'll be able to play all Royal Reptile games. With that also comes the ability to rent your NFTs to others who will play."



#17.. Could be worse!

That's right your favorite bearbear will be a bot running around. Now all of your insults calling me an NPC (non-playable Character) are true.



I'm recording my Bigger than usual buy. As much as I will be stacking Hive, I'll also pay for more #LVL with my div's from pools. I think #LVL has a chance, and so why not look at it as a unicorn that could absolutely moon.

09/22/2022, 7:41 PM SELL bearbear613 klye 603500.00000000 0.00165490 998.73215000

Renting NFTs/"Scholarships"


This is all ripped from the above blog but it's certainly worth repeating!

Similar to other games on the Hive blockchain, once Psyber-Decks is up and running, you will be able to rent out the NFTs you own to others. I also know several people who have told me they're buying crates to partner with others who will play on their behalf. If you're not familiar with this, the way it works is one person owns a set of NFTs. We'll pretend it's 25. They find someone who is really good at strategy games. The two join into a partnership where one plays using the other's NFTs and they split the reward based on a percentage they both agree upon. This way, someone who does not have the funds to buy an NFT can connect with someone who does and voila! a partnership is made and both are satisfied. Did someone mention risk?

Risk Based Games

First, let's discuss risk...In risk-based games, you ante up something with the chance of earning something in return based on your skills or based on chance. Psyber-Decks is a game based on how strong your NFTs are vs your opponent's and how skillful you are at challenging their attacks and defenses. Will bots be able to play? Yes they will. But just like anything, they'll have to be programmed first, and if you have better NFTs than the bots, then the bots lose and you take the winner's plunder. So your ability to win is not set in stone just because a bot is playing. You still have to use a strategy to beat your opponent.

I'm a legend in my own mind. It's also true I have been recycled within the PSYBER-X blog posts. So, maybe it's something. I don't know anything anymore without some tag #psyberX #hive to make "hive". Alright so here we go. Right from the Dividend giving Discord.

How do you make some extra #Hive? Discord.

It's not usually by calling highs and lows and leverage. It's on development. So during a bear market we all who live and love in the blockchain worry less about 'tithes'.

pc game will bring the big players. Easy on boarding to hive? Like simple few clicks

soyuntito — Today at 10:24 PM
and is going to be the AAA game the best thing in the crypto play to earn games!

JBOSS — Today at 10:25 PM
People will be able to use #Metamask soon enough too
[10:25 PM]
Hive first, then EVM

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:28 PM
what's EVM mean?

pc game will bring the big players. Easy on boarding to hive? Like simple few clicks

Troy G [Witness @dynamicrypto] — Today at 10:28 PM
indeed and don't forget the free version we will launch all over where land owners mint many things they will buy for their players to wear, weapons, skins etc... phase 2 construction will be insane while reaping rewards form the free version the non crypto and play to earn folks can get down and provide us additional revenue streams
EVM is Ethereum Virtual Machine like metamask etc

JBOSS — Today at 10:28 PM
Ethereum Virtual Machine. Pretty much most blockchains that aren't bitcoin
[10:28 PM]
Anything you use metamask with
[10:29 PM]
Polygon....Matic... ect

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:29 PM
Ok so good time to ask. What kinda machine should I buy for utilization land and playing

Troy G [Witness @dynamicrypto] — Today at 10:29 PM
like Hive the EVM wallets can also hold bitcoin, binance (trash) and others not EVM

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:30 PM
EVM is through metamask
[10:30 PM]
are there any other entry points?

JBOSS — Today at 10:30 PM
Land would be around the same specs, but if you use our built in stuff probably lower specs.
We plan to have some benefits for land owners in the other games here asap

soyuntito — Today at 10:30 PM
am truly worried about this i have 2 months to find 1500$ from who knows were to play the game T_T

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:30 PM
I'll play and invest

Troy G [Witness @dynamicrypto] — Today at 10:30 PM
**many EVM wallets,

CoinBase Dapp.
Okex Wallet.

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:30 PM
but maybe need new machine

JBOSS — Today at 10:31 PM
Play decks, make some money lol

Troy G [Witness @dynamicrypto] — Today at 10:31 PM
I use 3 of the above wallets yet just started playing with the Brave... i use metamask and coinbase Dapp

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:31 PM
**can I use my overlord **

JBOSS — Today at 10:32 PM
Major utility just right around the corner...and I will say one thing. The reward system is not a grind fest like SPL. Get ready for a slaughterhouse lol

JBOSS — Today at 10:32 PM

JBOSS — Today at 10:32 PM
Overlords so far are mostly agents.... more info soon.
[10:32 PM]
Good benefits

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:33 PM
Good question. ID what is your player name when entering the game. How is it registered by Metamask or Keychain? I'm still confused.

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:36 PM
oh nice. It's like a Luke SkyWalker role
[10:36 PM]

JBOSS — Today at 10:44 PM
For EVM you will set your username, for Hive it will be your hive username

BearBearBaron — Today at 10:45 PM
my bot name should be bearbear613
[10:45 PM]
but I'll let it slide

JBOSS — Today at 10:45 PM



Smooth gameplay specs so far:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Radeon Graphics 3.20 Ghz, 32 GB Ram, 3050 TI GPU

Remember folks this is for Unreal Engine 5


I will need a new machine 🤔


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