Saturday Savers Club Progress Report #10 | 831HP, 91K JAHM, WAIV, SPI


Hello Fellow Savers,

Fall: Trees are shedding their leaves all around us.

This is my tenth weekend report of where I am in my journey on the blockchain where I highlight the specific areas that I have been seeing noteable growth.
My main short term goal is to get to 1000HP before the year ends. I have been writing ✍️ one of these reports every weekend to monitor my progress. I will continue until December 2021 in the Saturday Savers Club. The club is run by @eddie-earner and @susie-saver (@shanibeer’s alter ego).

Highlights for the period ended November 27th

IndicatorCurrent ReportComment
ReggaeJahm Tokens91,254This week I hit 91K Staked Jahms on my way to 100k jhams by year end.
Hive Power831+15 This week I earned a little less HP than last week. Most of my earnings came from my Saturday Savers Report. I'm now 1% closer to my goal of 1000HP at 83% of the journey with just over a month to go.**When do you think I'll get there?
Reputation62.15+.12 My reputation is now in the 62 zone. I'll definitely be in this zone for a while.
EDS13.46I’m holding 13.46 EDS tokens (passive income tokens). EDS pay a return in Hive every Monday. The most recent Monday payout I received was .056 Hive. I also have .99 EDS Miners.
SPI10.17SPI Tokens are also passive income tokens with a weekly dividend payout. The latest Monday payout was .01 SPI
UTOPIS1UTOPIS is also a token with payouts every Monday. There is an additional 10% return if you stake UTOPIS.The most recent payout was .009 Hive.
Leo Tokens13.203+.18) I recently noticed that I’ve been receiving Leo tokens for holding Cublife (CL) tokens. Leofinance is a great place to learn more about crypto currencies, tokens and passive income . I've been making one post like this one every weekend in the LEOFINANCE community.** I also read and vote on posts in the community when I can. The good thing is that I'm learning while earning.

Advice From a Great Teacher: The things that get measured get done.
I’m testing that theory in my reports.So far so good 😊.

Guard your mental health. Stay connected (but disconnect when you need to), stay healthy.If you’ve read this far, thanks for your support and keep going.

My report is in no way intended to be seen as financial advice. It’s all in an attempt to document my journey as well as to provide a framework for getting advice and encouragement to move forward positively. If you have any financial decision to make please consult a professional.

I save with the Saturday Savers Club on the @eddie-earner account. Enjoy savings tips and the chance to get some EDS income tokens. EDS tokens provide guaranteed 12% Hive income every Monday (income currently 23%). EDS tokens and EDS Miners are available through Hive-Engine.

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Thanks for your support and have a great weekend.