#110: What I have Been Able To Achieve And Learn In 2022

Hello beautiful ladies and women of Hive. I hope you all are having an awesome day.

I will like to share how the year 2022 has been an improvement for me been able to learn and achieve some good things throughout the year.

Firstly I will like to state how I started the year 2022.

I can vividly recall that on the last day of 2021, December 31st to be precise, I was in the church service where I wrote down all I would like to achieve for myself in form of prayer request. Then I worked towards it.

A lot of people have good dreams but starting is a problem. I also had one but nowhere to start. but I choose the available opportunity till I got to this stage in life.

Me Now





Me Then Before 2022



Firstly, I will like to appreciate the creator for listening to my request and granting them all.

What I learnt in 2022

Identifying my passion

Though my story is a bit lengthy but I will summarize it as thus, if you identify your passion, it will make life very easier for you because you will keep enjoying your work daily activities.

I remembered when I graduated from school where I had to pick a teaching job, I shared some of my photos of when we did teachers drama. I still have this in my achive.



Teaching was fun but later I found out it wasn’t my calling. I also did fashion design where I learnt how to sew clothes.

I made these dresses infact most of my native wears I sew them myself.


But I find out that I was okay but I wasn’t comfortable with it either. I am comfortable with what I can do from home and loved design.

As nature will have it, I discovered my passion in the world of ICT I can design website and that has led me to connection with people in similar field.

Leaving peaceably with people

I have learnt how to avoid issues just living with people. It is good to leave in peace with people or been a solution to people argument or fights.

I learnt that fights, quarrels can separate us even from good people not that I was the fighting type. It is always good to be a peace maker in situations of fights or argument amongst people.

For issues that will result into avoiding someone, it’s good to avoid who could cause you to be annoyed or even hurt you.

Learnt to make myself happy


Whatever been the chaos of life, I have learnt to find an apartment in my heart just to be happy with my self spending time out. And with this, I do pray and appreciate the creator for making me who I am today.

What I’ve been able to achieve through what I’ve learnt

Through what I’ve learnt on how to be productive as an individual, I choose the niche of ICT because a short while from now the entire world would be transiting fully into digital age.

I have been able to learn some part of web design because in the digital age, softs skills are needed.
I actually studied banking and finance and discovered that with time to come most casual workers might be replaced by automated machines inform of robots and people may lose their job to artificially intelligent robots. I choose web design so I would be useful to the digital world. I am still learning the process.

Trust me 2022 has been a good year for me and I wish 2023 becomes better than for that. I wish this for everyone on hive. Do have a blessed week.

Thanks for reading.


Girl!! The glow is massive.
You've done so well for yourself.
You've learned lessons. You've grown. Amazing!

I hope the remaining days of the year are fair to you. Well-done Babe!


You have achieved a lot this year my dear. And by the way, you look so beautiful. And the glow up...Wow! I really love it.❤️


Wow, thanks for your reading time I appreciate too. Do have a lovely week.


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