When Nigeria Happens to you


Nigeria is known for its high rate of corruption and shady politics, hence people are seeking for various means to leave the country. I have always heard stories people tell about how they faced threats and wickedness from various Government parastatals, I saw them as mere stories until it happened to me.

On the 19th of September I decided to enroll for my international passport as one needs to be prepared as any opportunity can actually present themselves in life. I paid a huge sum of 45k for my international passport and I was booked for capturing on the 19th of October, exactly one month time. Well, on the 19th, I did my capturing and the main issue started during the collection of my passport, as I was scheduled to collect the passport after 6weeks of capturing.

Well, I did not go to pick up exactly on the 6th week, as I wanted to give them space. I went on the 7th week, and I was told my passport was not ready. They kept posting me at the immigration office until I became frustrated and tired. Seems like all the officers at the immigration office had the same orientation, as each officer I met, would ask me to pay an extra sum of 35k termed as ‘express fee’…. Wait, you mean 45k+35k, totaling the sum of 80k just for a passport that is supposed to be 25k😳? How did we get here? I was confused, frustrated and hate Nigeria with passion. Well, I did not have any mother option than to complain on Twitter tagging the official immigration page. Within split seconds, I got a reply asking me to meet the PCO (passport comptroller officer) where I registered.

Seeing the PCO was another story and problem. I went direct to the office of the PCO, and the secretary will not allow me see the PCO, he kept telling me how the PCO travelled and will never come back until after a month or two. I was not going to give up so easily, and as such I decided I was going to wait for the PCO every single day I visit the immigration office. I kept visiting the immigration office for a period of 1week.. I will go as early as 8am in the morning and will leave as late as 6pm, without any hope of seeing the PCO. Well, luck shined on me around Thursday of the week I decided to keeping going to the Immigration office. I was standing at the door, leading to the secretary’s office, when the PCO arrived.. well, I was a nobody and I don’t know what attracted him to me, but he came directly to me and asked, young lady.. why are you standing here, who are you looking for? I said .. I will like to meet the PCO.. he asked who I was and I just mentioned my name. He left and went to his office. I was still standing outside when he asked an officer to call me to his office. I went to his office, explained why I was looking for him, the huge cash I spent just for international passport, and the frustration I faced. He felt really pity for me, and ordered that my passport given to me there and then. He also sanctioned the officers who kept asking me to bring extra cash of 35k. I was really happy about how the whole situation ended as I finally got my passport after the whole stress and torture. It is true that the problem of Nigeria is caused by the leaders, but the major cause of Nigeria is the greed exhibited by we Nigerians. We are the pain that we face. Our individual greed is compared to Non. If we need a better Nigeria, we are the change that we need.

Thanks for reading. Much love ❤️