242 days to go



The recent GLX update indicates that there are exactly 242 days of GLXstaking reward left. That's about 66% of a year and enough time to derive maximum gains from my holding.

There will be a lot of craziness between now and a couple of months in the future, so predicting the market is almost impossible. One thing that's certain is that there will be FUD and based on evidence, there will always be recovery.

At the time of writing, the APR for staking GLX is around 164% but I doubt that will be the case. Through simple maths and under the assumption that I'm not compounding my staking reward, I should have farmed out around 42.4K GLX tokens with my 39K GLX tokens currently staked.

The estimation in the previous paragraph is a rough estimation but it sort of highlights how much GLX could come my way. However, I expect the APR to drop significantly in the near future but I'll also be compounding my earned GLX, so hopefully, it won't matter.

Right now, the only thing people are talking about is the GLX validator node licenses. They are pretty much like the SPS validator nodes and they will be pivotal for the Genesis Leaguie Sports project, in the future.

Just like SPS node licenses, the GLX node licenses will also be NFTs that can be traded on Hive-engine. The first round of presale starts in a bit over 2 days and you'll need GLX tokens to buy them.

The earlier you buy a node, the more GLX token you start receiving. Each node will cost $1000 worth of GLX tokens, a pretty steep price if you're poor like me.

Now the reason I'm talking about the GLX validator nodes that I can't afford is that this is probably the reason why the GLX staking APR has risen so much. Many investors are actually unstaking their GLX tokens to buy validator node licenses.

I reckon that after the end of the first round of presale of GLX validator node licenses, we'll see a considerable drop in the APR, as there will be a lot of GLX flowing back into earning staking rewards.

Timing is everything

One thing that's certain is that I'm not going to ride out the GLX wave to the end. The staking reward period will persist for another 242 days but I'm going to pull out my tokens when there are 50 days left.

There's nothing worst than being the last person left in a staking pool with no reward. I haven't decided what I'd do with my GLX stake yet and frankly speaking, I might end up pulling out earlier than the 28 days window I stated.

What I intend to do is constantly keep my GLX unstaked, pulling out a small stack every week, watching the market and then staking back when it looks like there's no pump in sight. I'd absolutely hate to miss out on any major pump.

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