A piece of history



Today, I and my wife unsuccessfully decided to go out for a car boot sale. A car boot sale is an event where, as the name describes, people sell stuff out the boot of the car and it's usually at dirt cheap price.

The items you buy in the sale are 100% at your own risk and there's zero customer protection. If you buy it and it's broken, that's all she wrote because there are no returns or anything like that.

The good thing is that most of the items are much cheaper than they usually are and you could actually find some good stuff in the mix. So, it's basically a raffle draw fused with an auction and you could really get lucky.

Anyway, the plan was to go for a car boot sale but we turned up at the venue, only to find that they weren't holding one today. It's usually held on Sundays but not today because of something something that I didn't hear properly when the security was explaining to me.

Anyway, we left the place and wandered around the City center for a while. A Wilko shop is shutting down, so we were also hoping to catch a sale there but they didn't have anything that we actually needed.

To the pub

Whenever I'm out and have no where to go, I simply just go home or go to the pub. It was a bit too early to go home, so we decided to go to a pub called Weatherspoons or something like that to watch the North London Derby but they didn't have Sky there.

So, we went to another pub in the area that certainly had Sky sports. By UK standards, the pub was a bit rundown but honestly speaking, from my perspective, it was a lovely place.

They had free wifi that I didn't use, had an app and everything. Most of the furniture and upholstery seemed like it had been there for a hundred years but what stood out for me was a match day ticket from 1978/1979 European football season.



It was surreal to see match day ticket being framed and it highlights what football means to people here. It has grown into a global business and I reckon there'll be people who have falling out of love due to the focus on money.

Anyway, Nottingham Forrest is the local team, so it's only natural that there are many supporters here. Most people at the pub seemed like regulars and there was a familiarity between everyone there.

There was a bit of banter between some of the blokes I saw, with a group of guys banging on about who is older between them and whose bald head is balder.

We didn't win the match but it was an enjoyable day overall. I enjoyed my two pints of Carling beer and went home feeling satisfied by the events of the day.


Car boot sale? That sounds pretty cool to me.