So I'll be getting one Voucher a day



I was a bit late to the presale because of my timezone and I missed the exact moment that the voucher airdrop came into my account.

I checked the portal and found that I was eligible for just about 1 voucher per day, based on the amount of SPS tokens I'm staking.

That voucher then made me eligible to buy one Chaos Legion pack that will remain unopened until further notice.

It felt really good to get my hands on one of those but I reckon that based on the level of demand for these assets, I don't think the current amount of SPS tokens I have staked will be enough to consistently earn me 1 voucher per day.

What's going on in the market?

Just as expected, people are going crazy for the limited supply of vouchers available from the airdrop. At the time of writing, each voucher is trading around $18 per token.

I guess the current price of voucher tokens is understandable. The token is going to be useful within the game going forward and right now, the hype is also at a fever pitch.

Looking at the numbers from the game alone, you'll find that the number of staked SPS is slowly edging towards double the amount of liquid. The reason is pretty obvious; we want vouchers.

Right now, I don't think I'll buy vouchers from the market. Instead, I'll just stake more SPS tokens to get more from the daily airdrop.

However, if staking SPS doesn't work out, then I'll just get my hands on a couple of vouchers.

The next thing to decide is how many vouchers to hold and how many vouchers to sell? Assuming I stay within my daily rate of one voucher per airdrop, then I'll get like 38 vouchers before the end of the presale.

Assuming I get 38 vouchers, I'll buy Chaos legion packs with 16 vouchers and hold the remaining 19. As I said earlier though, that's all dependent on how mental people go on the SPS staking front.

Taking profit

Finally, we also have to discuss this part because while it is essential to consistently invest, right now, I'm pretty much living off the proceeds from the game, so I have to protect my interest.

Also, with my long-term plans constantly in my thoughts, I have to always take out some stables to hold in savings until the time comes to pull the trigger.

For now, I reckon the price of SPS tokens will be running up soon, so I also have to find a way to keep some tokens liquid.

Assuming I stick to my schedule of staking 1k tokens every 20 days, which loosely translates to 50 SPS staked per day, I should still have enough liquid to sell.

In recent days, the price of DEC has dropped a little bit but I reckon that's because people are buying SPS with the tokens.

If you think about it though, it's one elaborate chain reaction that ensures value stays within the system. DEC earns you SPS, SPS earns you vouchers, assets earn you SPS, buy & sell monsters with DEC, rinse and repeat until you've achieved awesomeness.

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I think I may have gotten into the game late😭