100 days journey for Promote Fan Club


Every time we did a job, it is better to set an objective. I set my objective for 100 days. This is a long journey. There are a few facts we should know before hand about Promote Fan Club.


There are 702 missions. Doing one mission will cost us 0.024 StarPro. So we will cost 16.85 StarPro. Even if I have enough StarPro to do Promote Fan Club missions, I still need to spend 702 hours to do all missions and this is not finished yet.


If we can do 10 missions everyday it will take 70 days to finish. If we cdo 5 missions everyday it will take 140 days to finish. And if we do 7 missions everyday it will take 100 days to finish all missions for Promote Fan Club.

I chose third option so I will do 7 missions everyday and I set my goal to finish all Promote Fan Club missions within 100 days.

Current price for 1 StarPro is around 9.8/8.35 Hive. If you think the price for StarPro is high you can also get it by bidding in Music Promoter section. You need to do the calculation whether it is worth to bid in Music Promoter section or directly buy from the market.


It is a bit complicated but you can do this formula.

Your bid for a mission = 120 Starbits.
Total missions for today = 30000
StarPro that give out = 100

If you can secure 300 missions then you will get 1 StarPro. You will also cost 36000 Starbits. So you will get 1 StarPro every 36k Starbits you spend.


If you by 36k Starbits from the market it will cost you 8.784 Hive. It is higher than current Buy order but lower than current Sell order.

If you buy Starbits with 0.000239 Hive/Starbits it will cost you 8.604 Hive. So if you can wait creating a Buy order is better than bidding in Music Promoter section.

Check Starbit and StarPro price. Check the current bid and total mission finished in previous day. Then you should know what to do.

Thanks for reading my post. Pardon me for writing complicated things.

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