How do I become a Chain Golem slayer


Chain Golem is a Legendary monster from Untamed edition. Its is also from Neutral splinter and that means every splinter can use this monster if battle rules are not prohibited from using this monster. So that makes it a lot more worthy and useful.

Here is the youtube video:


Chain Golem has Shield, Void, Piercing and Stun at maxed level. It has 8 hit points at maxed level. It has 4 armor and 3 melee damage and 2 points of speed. So this monster is a bond fide tank for every splinter. This is not an easy kill monster. It can easily stop attacks from melee, ranged and magic attackers. You can also use together with Mylor Crowling to counter melee attackers and Owster Rotwell to counter magic attackers. Piercing ability is also a great asset of him. It will be even more stronger in the rule like Enrage. Stun is also a godly skill. He can easily make an enemy stop attacking.

It needs support from healing monster. Revive is also a good choice for him. It is a near perfect monster and can only get from airdrop. So it is very rare and very expensive. It worths 202$ per BCX in market. He is already a good tank at level 2 and at level 3 and 4 he can become a killer.

In above video, I used Living Lava and Flame Monkey to kill Chain Golem. My opponent used Chain Golem + Halving Alchemist to reduce enemy's monsters damage. But I used Living Lave + Flame Monkey to counter him. He lacks support from a healing monster so I tear him down slowly. Eventually I won this battle. It is a Legendary Level 3 Chain Golem I am talking about but I can slay him with Level 2 Common monster Living Lava.

Known Weakness
It is his speed obviously. If enemy summoner has a monster that with stun ability his attack ability become useless. In this case it will be better to choose the monsters with all passive ability like Lord Arianthus and Almo Cambio. Stun is a nightmare for all high DPA monsters. But It can also be stopped by combination of Shield + Repair ability monsters.

Final Thoughts

Yesterday In a battle I gain experiences about Blast + Life Leech. Monsters with Life Leech ability can also suck hit points from the monsters that hits by Blast ability. Blast is very godlike ability. It can blended very well with other abilities.

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