How to guide for Myanmar new comers

I wanted to create a post of collections in Myanmar language. This post collection must give some help to the Myanmar citizens who want to use Hive blockchain. So I have written some posts in myanmar language.

This post has been written about how can we create account using This is written in Myanmar language.

I have also written about Hive Onboarding using Myanmar language. So I have completed two posts for the new comers.

My goal does not stop here. I want to create a website for myanmar people and also an exchange website. I also want to create an economy system for the
myanmar people.I need fund for that objective.

Will you support me if I write a proposal?

I will need 200 USD per day for the cost including website + stakable token + exchange.

Myanmar is very virgin for the cryptocurrency. I hope we can start with our own token and then migrated to hive that is root of the our society.

I will added my newly created myanmar posts to this collection.