My 100th Open Mic Night Mission


This mission is the 100th mission for the Open Mic Night. I don't know how much Starbits I got from this mission only. But I will get 100 Starbits for sure. I tried to write a post everyday and hope something magical to happen. But nothing happen really. I can get some random upvotes from risingstargame but upvotes are not gurantee. Splinterlands contest can give me an upvote everytime I participate in this contest. I feel happy when I see magical number on my post. Only thing I can rely on is ecency.

My writing a bit of from my topic so let get back to the track.


I have got 34 Starbits for completing this mission and 100 Starbits for completing 100th missions. Acutally I don't want to write a small thing. I only want to write about my first mission or my 100th mission. I don't want to write about daily progress. I want to write about special mission but I don't have S24 Scary Mary. I want to create value added posts but this would not be the thing the hivers want to read.

Anyway my posts(my creations) will ever be on the blockchain. I really no longer want to care about who like my works or not because it will only last seven days. After seven days, everythings will be over so liking and disliking does not matter I believe.

Thanks for reading my post and spend your time for my post.