Shwelist for October


Following is the list for myanmar hivers who still active in October-2021, I have used file from @steevc to find the accounts based on location
(Myanmar). Thanks to @steevc. I can not find someone who have not set their location to Myanmar. I used for this query. Thanks to @santarius who helps me to create this list.


There may be more people from Myanmar so I added someone that I can confirm. They are the one like @naythan and @tin.aung.soe.

The query is based on the last upvote time so everyone who voted in Oct-2021 will be counted as active users. So some may no longer active but they still supprt the community. I do not want to mention all of them so I wrote in a excel file and screenshot it. Then pasted it in the outpost.

I write Shwelist instead of Myanlist because Shwe(Gold) is nickname for Myanmar people. Myanmar is famous as Golden Land. This is a good place to visit but now now. Myanmar currently is in Chaos.

Thanks for reading my post.