Dr Zomboss Infected Zombie ALIEN Digital Art

#Dr-Zomboss Infected Zombie ALIEN Digital Art


Hi everyone I hope all of you doing well and your family is safe.

I have created The #Dr-Zomboss Infected Zombie ALIEN Art with Procreate.

Dr-Zomboss:- A scientist was trying to develop an antidote for zombie viruses, but the entire world was covered with zombies there were only some active research centres left functional.

The research backfired because of some malfunctioning systems the scientists turned in as #Dr-Zomboss this new type of zombie as intelligence.

The zombie is evolving, humankind needs to find a cure for this parasite if the human race doesn't find the antidote for this parasite this will be the end of the human race.

This is rare zombies species, that have some intelligence there will be only 15 intelligent Zombie spaces every species will different from another #1 Dr Zomboss.

I have used procreate And primarily for the outline I have used the pencil brush 6B and for the Inking, I have used the calligraphy monoline & script brush

First I have to imagine the zombie picture and I have done an outline using a pencil then I move on to the thinking process this is the best spot in the Procreate After ending I filled the bass colours then I proceeded to highlights and shadows and background shadow


Process video

Thank you for making it to the end kindly give you valuable suggestions in the comment.

Name:-Dr Zomboss Infected Zombie
Collection:- Infected Zombie
Total Edition(s):- 1


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