#John-Zombie-Researchers-suit, Infected Zombie ALIEN Digital Art

#John-zombie-Researchers-suit, Infected Zombie ALIEN Digital Art

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Hi everyone I hope all of you are doing well and your family is safe.

I have created The #John-zombie-Researchers-suit, Infected Zombie ALIEN Digital Art with Procreate.

Parasites:- This is the virus name which turned the human race into zombies scientist has researched and developed a new suit to countermeasure this virus entry into a human.

This suit is very durable and standard heat cold it is air-tight sealed so the virus cannot enter this Human respiratory system.

Now the scientist has planned to enter a nest of zombies to collect fluid samples to do more research and find a cure to this madness

This is A researcher, This is zombie research and there will be two editions in this NFT #1John-zombie-Researchers-Suit:-Legend, There will be military officers and more researchers.

The NFT will be defined into three categories.
Normal epic legends

I have used procreate And primarily for the outline I have used the pencil brush 6B and for the Inking, I have used the calligraphy monoline & script brush

First I have to imagine the zombie picture and I have done an outline using a pencil then I move on to the thinking process this is the best spot in the Procreate After ending I filled the bass colours then I proceeded to highlights and shadows and background shadow

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Process video

Ipad pro Apple M1 chip
(11-inch/27.96 cm, Wi-Fi, 128GB) - Space Grey (3rd Generation)
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
KINGONE Stylus Pen for iPad

Thank you for making it to the end kindly give your valuable suggestions in the comment.
Name:- John-zombie-Researchers-suit
Collection: Infected Zombie
Total Edition(s): 2


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