BioShock Remastered Part1/3



BioShock is a really old classic first person shooter that I enjoyed playing during those days especially the entire franchise of BioShock has been remarkable since it's release and mind you this game is not easy at all, you will die countless number of times actually you liar ridiculous amount of times before you figure out what you're supposed to do eventually at least.

BioShock remastered is not an entirely new game and it's not part four in the series as the franchise ends with Bioshock Infinite. The main goal of the remastered editions were to make major graphic improvements in the game. I remember playing Bioshock when it first came out in 2007 and well at that point of time the graphics were pretty decent but after playing the remastered version i'm very impressed.

Bioshock Franchise Is Still Worth Playing In 2022

The protagonist in BioShock, Jack, is a passenger on a plane that happens to crash in the Atlantic Ocean and happens to be the only survivor, He makes his way to a lighthouse nearby which contains a bathysphere terminal (Pretty Much A Lift Of Sorts) which takes him to the underwater city called Rapture. Jack is contacted by Atlas via radio, and is guided to confront the perils off the ruined city.

Bioshock has 14 Main Districts you will be playing through and the get quite challenging as you go up a district.

  1. Welcome to Rapture
  2. Medical Pavilion
  3. Neptune's Bounty
  4. Smuggler's Hideout
  5. Arcadia
  6. Farmer's Market
  7. Fort Frolic
  8. Hephaestus
  9. Rapture Central Control
  10. Olympus Heights
  11. Apollo Square
  12. Point Prometheus
  13. Proving Grounds
  14. Fontaine

Big Daddy


Yeah these aren’t the kind of daddies you’d want 😂 these guys are massive and a pain in the ass to kill, you’ll eventually end up dying a bunch of times before you manage to kill them also these guys don’t come after you unless you attack them first.

Little Sister


Once a player defeats a Big Daddy protecting a Little Sister, they will now get a choice: Which is to rescue the little girl causing the player to lose the ADAM, which is basically a currency used to buy upgrades to health, energy and their plasmid powers etc Or they can harvest the Little Sister and get all the ADAM for themselves resulting the death of the child.

If a player chooses to rescue the girl, the Little Sisters will leave a gift for every third child saved. Harvesting a Little Sister will get you 160 ADAM, and saving them will get you only 80, but the gift you receive will contain 200 ADAM.

There’s only a difference 10 percent of the total amount of ADAM between saving and harvesting the Little Sister. I can’t really see a sweet kid die so I pretty much saved all of them.

Well here's Part 1/3 of the gameplay and I had a hectic time trying to edit and export the video, Premiere Pro cancelled my export thrice and each time it took almost an hour 😂 such a pain it was.

Once i'm done with BiosShock 1 i'll be starting with BioShock 2 as well and if BioShock Infinite works on my Mac Book Pro then that as well but I have my doubts with that one 😂 thank heavens i've finished that ages ago and thats by far the best in the BioShock Series too bad thats the last part 💔

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