Finalized Images For Diesel Cafe's New Menu

I finally got done with these images, it took over two weeks to shoot them, process and compile them and this is the final outcome.

All of the images were shot on a Canon 6D Mark II & Fukifilm XT 3 which I rented out from a friend. Lights used were a mixture of Natural light from the large windows and my Godox AD 200 Pro and a 120cm Octabox.

This shoot was a pain staking process because I had to shoot it over a period of 4 days and each image is a composite of 4 different images shot in various lighting.

Bombay Breakfast Kheema

Spicy chicken kheema topped with chopped onions and is baked with eggs and served with the days freshly made bread.


Tex Mex Bowl

A fresh mix of American corn, baked beans, salsa rossa, breakfast cheddar, chickpes and garlic toast.


Healthy Quinoa Salad

Red quinoa, chopped onions, green peas, corn, granola and topped with a lemon olive dressing.


Creamy Pesto Prawns Risotto

Parmesan creamy risotto topped with the days freshest catch of prawns.

diesel risotto1170 1 (1).jpg

Chicken Tacos

Tahini chicken, tomato salsa, tahini pickled chickpeas and topped with a nacho crumble.

I was asked to remove the Budweiser logo because they didn’t want to advertise it which in my personal opinion was really stupid. This image would look amazing with the Buds logo and thats pretty much why I added the bottle in the first place.


Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Prawns wrapped in chicken bacon and is served with a side of french fries an in house salad and a sweet chilli dip

diesel bacon wrapped prawns11381234.jpg

Juicy Lucy Lamb

Roasted lamb served with a drizzle of oyster pepper sauce and a side of herbed mushroom rice.

diesel juicy lucy1285.jpg

All Day Lamb Burger

Herbed roasted lamb, pepper and garlic aioli burger with a sunny side up egg.

diesel lamb burger1120.jpg

Mexican Cottage Cheese Steak

Spicy grilled paneer steak served with a Mexican quinoa salad on the side

diesel, mexican cottage steak1315 1.jpg

Strawberry Wonderland Smoothie

These drinks i've given them two options one is with a paper straw and one with a steel straw.

smothie take 21785.jpg

smothie take 21786.jpg

Nut Nut Waffle

Butterscotch ice-cream sandwiched between waffles with chocolate ganache, caramel sauce and is topped with roasted nuts.

Not really happy with the plating of this waffle but thats how they wanted it to be. This one was pretty much a difficult shot to get it right and IDK I’m not really happy with this image.

diesel break1065.jpg

Winner Winner Chicken Spinner

Mushroom and spinach stuffed grilled chicken served on top of spaghetti aglio olio with drizzled brown sauce on top.

diesel winner winner1201.jpg

Mushroom Cappuccino Soup

Creamy mushroom soup with cappuccino foam on top.

My all time favourite from Diesel Cafe it's just to fucking amazing for a soup.

mushroom cappuccino1804.jpg

All The Berry Best Pancakes

Fluffy pancakes with fruity tres leches and homemade berry compote and granola mix



Lemon Butter Fish

Grilled fish served with dil lemon cream, creamy garlic mash and four season beans.

diesel fish1399 1 1 1.jpg

Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Skewers

Birds eye chilli flavoured grilled cottage cheese served with an in house salad.

This was another something which was a pain to shoot

diesel peri peri skewers1381 1.jpg

It was really fun working with a good team for this photo shoot and I'm happy with the outcome of the images, hope you guys loved this set of images ❤

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Woww..amazing presentation and beautiful photography. thanks for sharing. :)