Getting The Fortnite Battle Pass & It's Glorious Rewards

Yeah i'm hooked to Fortnite now and I haven’t dropped down the controls yet, It just keeps getting more adventurous and exciting the more you keep playing it, The added quests are even more fun.

But I was getting annoyed with my current look and pretty much all the good skins and equipments come only with the Battle Pass which costed me Rs 666 ($ 8.59)

This Costume of Tsuki 2.0 unlocked after I bought the pass

Tsuki 2.0 Costume.gif

Once I got the pass I was able to purchase some exclusive Skins, Gliders & Emotes using the in game credits I earned whilst playing the game. These just make your Avatar look more cooler and in no way increases the performances of your Avatar.

Chain Surfer.gif

There’s a Special Prowler Quest which was going on a few days back which on completion would give you some extra rewards and here's some of them which i've unlocked.

P.S I Love The Prowler Outfit 🤤

Prowler coustume .gif

Prowler Glider.gif

Prowler Grasp Emoticon.gif

Boogie Down .gif

Down below is a Kill Shot compilation of about 20-22 kills across some of the matches i've played and the Light Saber from Star Wars has to the most efficient and quickest weapon to use in a Close Quarter Combat i've found so far apart from the Shotguns.

Also i've kinda temporarily moved to new home in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and I've yet to set up a Wi-Fi connection here which is a pain because it's been 2 days since i've played Fortnite and it's killing me 😂

Well that's about it for today I hope you guys enjoyed todays post, next up will be another interesting book review which has also been adapted into a series of movies as well so stay tuned ✨❤

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Recuerdo en su momento haber jugado desde el principio y con los pavos que fui ganando en las temporadas compre mi primer pase de batalla, lo disfrute un montón y estuve muy contento aunque tiempo después deje de jugar.