Shoot With Swathi Baliga At Diesel Cafe

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I finally got to do a full fledged shoot after such a long time and I couldn’t be any more excited about it. This shoot was done last Friday at Diesel Cafe, I wanted to capture her with the new Gin & Tonic that were introduced at the cafe (You Can Read My Previous 3 Posts Tho More About The G&T Cocktails)

Used a Canon 80D with a 50mm Prime Lens and for lighting I used a combination of Natural Light + Artificial Lighting from my Godox AD 200 Pro

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I shot her with 2 different G&T Cocktails; The first one was the Guava Chilli G7T and the Second was the Jasmine Tea G&T.

Swathi got 3 various outfits and picked those which went well with the colour combination of the place and the drinks.

The first shot that I tried to take my Strobe wasn’t firing and after some time I went into panic mode because I didn’t know WTF was going on 20 minutes later I just changes the channel and group and that somehow worked I WAS SO BLOODY RELIEVED, I though the lights got fucked up or something jeez 😂

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Well as you can see the images turned our pretty darn good yeah ? also this time I didn’t go to retouch the images no frequency separation was done whatsoever, All the images has a bit of colour corrections done to them and thats pretty much it.

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So far i've only worked with professional models because I really have no fucking clue in telling people how to pose 🤣 and they petty much get annoyed when you can’t really tell them how to pose hence I work with only professional models why ?? Because they pose so fucking gracefully and elegantly and it becomes so much easier for me to capture them as well.

Well I hope you guys loved these set of images and I hope ya'll had an amazing day ❤️

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This was an incredibly beautiful run of shots! Each one has it's own uniqueness and style. I like the clarity when the glass isn't in the way... but the one's with the window in front adds something more candid to the mix. Great post! Thanks for sharing with us. =)