The Ever So Graceful Swathi Baliga

Portrait 521.jpg

Max Brightness Recommended

Got these amazing Monochromatic shots of Ms. Swathi Baliga and i'm super excited with how these images turned out.

I've used a Canon 80D and a mix of Natural & artificial light from the Godox AD 200 Pro and a 80cm Octabox.

To be honest I wasn’t really going for monochrome image because it was mostly display the product which was the G&T cocktail, I just thought why not spice it up a bit and make some good monochromes out of a few images.

Portrait 524.jpg

Portrait 523.jpg

Portrait 522.jpg

Hope you guys loved them ❤️ I am currently on my way to Bangalore for a friends sisters wedding so for fun content to come and i'm finally glad to be away from work 😂 anyways see yaaa!!!

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