How to Get Your Content Seen Using the Hive Engine Tagging System for Wax Wallets!


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For the most part, this is a Repost of a previous post that I'd done here on Hive but is extremely relevant to the Guide. Why not learn from my experience?

The Hive Engine is a Smart Contract Side layer that's been od Hive for while. It's a powerful tool that allows users to participate in Defi, play Hive game, build e-commerce marketplaces, make NFTs, and most importantly to this guide it allows for the building of "Hive Tribes", which have a big influence on our tagging system here on the Hive platforms.

We do have communities that are similar to what you would see on Reddit that can be posted too, which is kind of like Hive tribes. But the main difference between "tribes" and "communities" on Hive is that tribes have their own tokenomics, governance, and websites which are backed by the Hive Engine Smart Contract Platform while communities are built on the Hive blockchain itself.

While both are great tools to use to get seen on Hive, the Hive engine tagging system is next level. different tags on the platform allow you to post to different tribe's websites or "front ends". And different tribes are focused on different topics, goals, niches, and subject matter.

This makes for a lot of smaller Hive-based websites dedicated to specific topics that filter out any other Hive content that doesn't use a Hive tag associated with the tribe's tags.

If this sounds confusing just stick with me, as we'll have examples of these stages and front-ends along with going deeper into communities in future Hive Guide for Wax Users posts....

TIP: When posting, posting to at least 2 tribes, and a community along with your other tags can take your content quite far. You get 10 tags per post, use them wisely

Credit: @doze

Lessons From My 6-Year Experience with the Hive Engine:

With so much to interact with on the Hive platform, I find it easy to lose sight of the primary things that make this such a remarkable platform.

I've spent a long time building my account when it comes to building Hive Power, and the more that I build the more I see the effects of that Hive Power within the mechanics of the Hive platform.

It's playing out pretty well.

One of my main use cases for accumulating Hive Power is to get my content seen.

More Hive Power = More Eyes on my post = More Upvotes

This is one of the most basic concepts of the hive but it kind of goes over my head at times.

Notice I didn't say "= higher rewards"... While having more hive power is part of that equation, it also largely depends on how much Hive Power is upvoting your post...

But having more hive power helps with that as well.

  • It allows me to join different groups where you may need a certain amount of Hive Power to receive upvotes from the group auto-voter.
  • I can delegate more Hive Power to Autovoting groups that may provide bigger upvotes based on Hive power delegation.
  • I can delegate to bots that rehive my post.

And there are probably more tactics that can be used to promote you're content Hive Content using Hive Power that I don't know about.

Credit: @doze

And Another really cool thing that I'm finding is that the mechanics are largely the same within the hive-engine tagging system. The same way I use Hive Power to trend on the hive platform is the same way I can use Hive-Engine token stake to trend within different tags.

I know this is a really basic concept for a lot of the vets, but it's something that I just happened to remind myself of as I've started picking up more Hive Engine Tokens with my hive rewards.

With the success of the hive Engine, it's one of the main tools outside of Hive Power that I use to get my content seen. Being able to trend on Hive is my main goal, but being able to trend within different popular tags can be just as important when it comes to getting your content seen on Hive.

More H-E Token Staked = More Eyes on my post = More Upvotes

This is also can be a point of confusion for a lot of new Hive users, I've noticed. I see a lot of new users using tags that just wouldn't get their content seen on Hive but would be great for promoting their post link on Web 2 platforms.

Hopefully, we can make it a trend to direct users to popular Hive tag options to get their Hive content seen if they're not using those tags.

A simple comment like that might be something that helps retain new users of the platform in the future...


But understanding the difference between using tokens to trend on the Hive platforms Vs using tokens to trend within tags is a simple but pretty big deal on Hive.

It can guide you're posting strategy and affect how you choose to build your account over time when it comes to knowing which tokens to stake within the Hive ecosystem...

It may be something basic to a lot of us long-time users but if you notice a new Hive creator ALL "non-popular hive tags", drop a comment and try to point them to better ways of getting that amazing content that they've published seen.

Whats to come in the Hive Guide For Wax NFT Artist, Gamers, and Collectors!

  • What is the Hive Engine And How I use it as a Experienced Hive User
  • Hive Engine Tags For Wax Users (3 Post Series)
  • How to Get Upvotes on Hive for Wax Users (2 Post Series)
  • Crossposting Medium, Youtube, WordPress, and Twitch Content to the Hive Blockchain
  • Advertising and Promoting Your Content on Hive for Wax Users

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