The Hive Guide for Wax Blockchain Artist, Gamers, and Collectors!


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Why I'm creating the guide

We promote hive and tell people its great but never show them how to use it!

I want to pump Wax content on Hive as a community. The Wax NFT community is amazing and having other azaming communities with a strong presence on Hive can only be good for Hive!

So this will be my gift to the Wax community, who have embraced me and welcomed me into their community. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

There are actually quite a few Hive users with Wax accounts. When I see other Wax users on the blockchain it doesn't always seem like they're maximizing their accounts to their potential. And while people have their accounts set up in certain ways for different reasons, If you're not maximizing your account due to not knowing how to, this Guide should get you going in the right direction.

Knowing how to use the different applications, and tags, and how to engage with communities will take your Hive experience to a new level!

None of this is financial advice, my goal is to show you how to get your content seen and pumped through the Hive platform. This is a social platform on a blockchain. And if you're using it right, its a social platform first! I'm just showing you different ways of using the blockchain aspects of it to advance the social part...

Try not to overthink it...

Experienced Based Goals And Objectives:

The main thing I want to do is highlight the different applications we have here on Hive and the Hive Engine tagging system. Those are the main two things to understand when it comes to getting your content seen on Hive. If you can get onto to hot applications when they first take off, or build within a tribe that creates a lot of value for their platform, you can get noticed a lot quicker than just using Hive like any other "Blogging" platform.

This is a lot more than a Blogging platform! We have projects like the Hive Engine and DLUX that have greatly expanded what we can do with our Hive accounts, but when it comes to blogging and the tools available for creators, Hive is by far the best in my book. I'll definitely be going over how to use some of those tools as well to show some possible strategies for growing your account that may not be as apparent.

I've felt like Hive is one of the best websites on the internet for a while now, and I want to use this guide as a way to share how some of that came to be. I feel like this is old-school Tumblr on steroids 10x!!!

Yes, Hive is really this amazing of a platform. And although knowing the cool tech and tools available on Hive is great, Learning how to get more eyes on your content and connect with people on the platform is where the real magic of Hive is.

Or at least in my 6-year experience!

Here's a few older tutorials that might be helpful to our objectives moving forward:

How to Find Your Tribe on the Hive Blockchain


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Introducing Yourself to the Hive Community for the First Time


Whats to come in the Hive Guide For Wax NFT Artist, Gamers, and Collectors!

  • What is the Hive Engine And How I use it as a Experienced Hive User
  • Hive Engine Tags For Wax Users (3 Post Series)
  • How to Get Upvotes on Hive for Wax Users (2 Post Series)
  • Crossposting Medium, Youtube, WordPress, and Twitch Content to the Hive Blockchain
  • Advertising and Promoting Your Content on Hive for Wax Users

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