Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Neoxian Silver can be converted to NEOXIAN POWER in a process called staking.
10.03328861 NEOXAG
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
2 186.58577200 NEOXAG
(-2 182.30148339 NEOXAG)

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Hive can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
368.440 HIVE
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of bil.prag's HIVE POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Hive. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
20 089.856 HIVE
(-2 521.948 HIVE)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

Hive Engine Tokens
0.059 ARCHON1.489 ASH1.24(1.87) BATTLE3.154 BEE0.10(1.30) BEER10.134(10.134) BPC12.213 BRO1 BROS1 BST4.278 BUILD211.183(8,528.917) CCC0.001 CENT0.346(75.570) CINE3.254 COM8.227(67.259) CTP0.001 CUB0 DEC1 DIY661 ENGAGE150 FOODIE0.009 FQX3.740(5,521.54) HUSTLER174.944(126.50) JAHM0.006 KANDA121.612(1,252.13) LEO1.894 LERN1.100(1.100) LIST0.122 LOTUS13 LUV181.171(1,560.792) PAL8.495 PAY1,585.914 PESOS95 PHO0.80 PIZZA3.869(115.398) POB0.104(500.042) PORN248.118 POSH1 SAND111.893(111.893) SH417.609 SIM11.594(11.594) SPACO113.279(58,715.193) SPORTS2.031 SPS26.769(313.368) SPT0.626 STEM0 SWAP.DOGE48.501 SWAP.HIVE0.02 SWAP.SWIFT0.325(1.791) TAN0.527 TEST.EON12.344 VIBES1.391 WEED0 WINE


Beware of spam and phishing links in transfer memos. Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites. Transactions will not show until they are confirmed on the blockchain, which may take a few minutes.
42 minutes agoCuration reward: 0.00000189 NEOXAG for ezun1/a-drawing-a-villainous-cat
56 minutes agoCuration reward: 0.00000019 NEOXAG for lasman07/photographing-a-butterfly-on-an-orange-tree
2 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000059 NEOXAG for tfame3865/after-international-duties-comes-club-duties-leeds-united-vs-liverpool-fc-up-next-how-prepared-are-we
2 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00001821 NEOXAG for yahia-lababidi/this-is-what-a-florida
2 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000993 NEOXAG for dodovietnam/argentina-3-0-bolivia-or
2 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00002885 NEOXAG for itchyfeetdonica/silhouettes-1-or-1
3 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000155 NEOXAG for hanselmusic/ncrksbff
4 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000029 NEOXAG for duneskya/a-different-kind-of-dinner-eng-esp-una-cena-diferente
4 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000054 NEOXAG for elgatoshawua/iniciativa-quien-eres-que-te-hace-feliz-que-deseas-ser-initiative-who-are-you-what-makes-you-happy-what-do-you-want-to-be
4 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000040 NEOXAG for elvlogdedany/drawing-macaw
5 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000024 NEOXAG for prayzz/the-pandemic-the-apocalypse-and-the-bike-thief
5 hours agoReceived 0.067 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
5 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00002862 NEOXAG for taskmaster4450/mqjdtsrk
7 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00001438 NEOXAG for dawnoner/back-to-the-playground-part-3-lightpainting
7 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000158 NEOXAG for carolina17/postre-arroz-con-leche-mi-merienda-de-hoy-dessert-rice-with-milk-my-snack-today
7 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000031 NEOXAG for andrearojas55/delicioso-espagueti-con-bistec-y-vegetales-eng-esp
8 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00001770 NEOXAG for cryptoandcoffee/government-trying-to-scam-the-scammed-funds
8 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000090 NEOXAG for williams-owb/kuli-kuli-crunchy-local-nigerian-snacks-made-from-groundnut
8 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00003422 NEOXAG for mipiano/agoumcqh
8 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000068 NEOXAG for aurimar20/eng-esp-the-loves-of-my-life-and-of-my-heart-los-amores-de-mi-vida-y-de-mi-corazon
8 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000358 NEOXAG for apnigrich/my-walk-to-the-old
9 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000181 NEOXAG for wrestlingdesires/discord-among-demons
9 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00002016 NEOXAG for cryptoandcoffee/the-domino-effect
11 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00001592 NEOXAG for victorbz/the-burned-forest-something-not-typical-for-me-a-colorful-landscape
11 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00004451 NEOXAG for erikah/middlemen-your-time-is-coming-shortly
12 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00001916 NEOXAG for papaleta/portrait-of-pretty-girl-with-short-hair
13 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000125 NEOXAG for ummamah1/macro-photograpy-horned-beetle
14 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000063 NEOXAG for violetaperez/leon-tolstoi-y-sus-cuentos-para-ninos
14 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000017 NEOXAG for prayzz/the-one-night-stand
15 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000019 NEOXAG for alexa-macro/macrophography-eristalinus-hoverfly
16 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000035 NEOXAG for janaveda/micro-ficcion-el-comadron
16 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000022 NEOXAG for alejandria12/eng-esp-ibuprofen-how-harmful-it-is-my-experience-or-ibuprofeno-que-tan-danino-es-mi-experiencia
18 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000038 NEOXAG for lecumberre/soneto-de-la-alegria
18 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000102 NEOXAG for pardinus/two-down-one-to-go
19 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000134 NEOXAG for tobywalter/a-beautiful-sunflower-in-my-garden-captured-with-a-lovely-blue-sky
20 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000021 NEOXAG for annexoyiz/mxhpgqor
21 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000021 NEOXAG for briayana/from-a-caterpillar-to-a-beautiful-butterfly-perfect-metamorphosis-insect
21 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000026 NEOXAG for stefanovah/ogyixuyd
22 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000065 NEOXAG for lxsxl/rheinfall-black-and-white-entry
22 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000036 NEOXAG for journeylife/hlyubyfl
22 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000051 NEOXAG for ellenripley/shadow-hunters-the-shadows-of-a-dog
22 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000037 NEOXAG for panmonagas/chicken-nuggets-nuggets-de-pollo-ingesp
23 hours agoCuration reward: 0.00000048 NEOXAG for jramirezmusic/esping-or-kevin-kaarl-colapso-cover-by-jramirezmusic
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00000047 NEOXAG for phuong.sitha/how-to-cook-water-morning-glory-with-vermicelli-in-the-family-and-my-mom-always-cook-it
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00000041 NEOXAG for aichel/mrihgtsk
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00000038 NEOXAG for baptisttadg/sloth-sketch-or-engesp
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00000029 NEOXAG for fun2learn/adapt-to-change
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00002937 NEOXAG for daveks/rawson-lake-hike-extras
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00001444 NEOXAG for digitalis/insecys-macro-090921
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00004814 NEOXAG for itchyfeetdonica/sunkissed-store-or
yesterdayReceived 0.025 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00000048 NEOXAG for giancarlos20/bo-go-ship-da-cover-by-giancarlos20
2 days agoReceived 0.046 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
3 days agoReceived 0.042 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
4 days agoReceived 0.037 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
5 days agoReceived 0.048 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
6 days agoReceived 0.033 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
7 days agoReceived 0.036 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
8 days agoReceived 0.034 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
9 days agoReceived 0.04 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
10 days agoReceived 0.053 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
11 days agoReceived 0.063 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
12 days agoReceived 0.037 NEOXAG from brofund-ag
13 days agoReceived 0.037 NEOXAG from brofund-ag