Creative design of a short gown with three tiers flare and a stylish puff sleeve

Hello everyone


Greetings to you all from this end, I hope you all are doing great in your respective environment, as for me, I'm so glad with the time I have to concentrate on my work, sometimes, I get so engaged with other activities that I hardly find time for sewing but these days, I have been so busy making outfit for those that are close to me, putting smiles on their faces.

In my recent time of making outfit, I discovered that there are so many ways one can decide to style an outfit, ranging from the upper bodice, lower bodice or the hem line as well as the sleeves, even the neckline is not left out, whichever way one decides to design an outfit, it's all depends on your creativity.

As you all know, making outfit for people close to me is what I do most,like Sewing for my family members, close friends, neighbors and even little children around me, this little act of mine made people around me love me so much and I'm glad doing what I do to make them happy even if sometimes, there are some mistakes that might be unknown to them which is not so obvious, I tends to learn from those mistakes to correct myself when making something similar.

I will be sharing with you the making of this beautiful outfit I made for my neighbor for their family Thanksgiving service in church. I was contacted by my neighbor Mrs Francis to make a short gown for her, with no specification, the choice of design or style to make or how to make it beautiful totally depends on me.


To make this beautiful and simple outfit, first, I drafted a princess dart bustier for the upper bodice while the back was a basic back block with zipper allowance.



On the lower part, I cut out the front part of the gown from the waist line to 3" above the knee line where the flare will start from and it was sewn using Mrs Francis measurement


The upper bodice and the lower part were sewn together with lining and zipper at the back.


The round knee measurement were taken to cut out the three steps flare, I divided the round knee measurement by 6.28 plus the desired length of the flare to cut out the bigger flare, the second tire was cut out with 2" difference from the first flare while the smallest flare was cut out same way with 2" difference from the middle flare.


The flare were sewn and neatly turned with lining


I made this stylish sleeve of a basic sleeve with a puff sleeve to the dress, first, I cut out a basic sleeve.



The two were sewn together by pleating the cone sleeve on the basic sleeve and I have this.




Finally, the flare was sewn to the hem of the gown and the sleeves were sewn to the armhole circumference.


This is the final outcome of the dress I made for my neighbor, I hope you like it.

Thanks for your time, comment, support and encouragement. Until my next post.


Beautiful one my friend. This gown really look amazing


Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it, your comment is well appreciated.