The Metaverse Brings Traditional Passive Income To Crypto

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The Metaverse Brings Traditional Passive Income To Crypto

The metaverse was a hot topic during the bull run of crypto but has fallen by the way side in many cases. However a number of projects still have a firm grip and are holding on in the bear market. What we are learning now is that these metaverses are now filtering to the highly sought after products and the low end with bad tokenomics are falling like dominos.

What's really awesome about all of this however is how closely it mimics much of the real world in terms of physical assets and how they are used. Royalties are now becoming a reality for many who bought assets over the last few years.

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Digital Land

What's crazy about the metaverse is every platform has it's own "land" and what that "Land" can do. There's really no limitation on how big a metaverse is or could be unless it's coded into the blockchain it's running on.

Land owners can often do much with their land such as produces resources for games they belong to such as Splinterlands or rented out for events such as concerts etc that take place in the digital world.

Outside of renting out a land or venue in the metaverse you can also often times lease the asset out. Almost like a time share and or rental for assets for people to use them for a period of time while you still remain in control of the asset. This allows you to sit back and ear passive revenue for the assets you have much like owning a house and renting it out for vacations or for others to live in for a period of time.

Other Markets

Nothing beats a good market place. When constructed well and charges a small fee for rentals, buys and sells justifies this by it's clean UI, easy filtering and data on assets along with popularity. That's why more and more some places are starting to build internal markets. One of those places just released their non card market to the public again that game is Splinterlands these market places can collect small fees on transactions which can either be used for fund and fuel development or a portion of it could go back into assets or tokenomics values for the platform running on it.

Advertising / Sponsorships

Why owning assets you can in some cases bring on board advertising and sponsorships for your lands. If you have a popular land many people want you could charge for logo branding etc on that asset that people are using, interacting with and being a part of.

What's really awesome is this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the bear market is when we are seeing these things become real and in a bull market we could see the passive income nature of this all explode in massive amounts of value.

Just like with any physical world assets there are risks, uncertainty and constant work. However the end goal of passive income is to be able to earn more and expand that with less and less time involved instead of trading hours to dollars.

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