Hive Open Mic.. Black Eye Butterfly.. Somewhere In The Middle

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This is a Song I wrote a while back.. (contemplating as I do)
There is only 1 beginning and one end...
Everything else is "Somewhere In The Middle"

Hive Open Mic is a fun way to get them out there on video nice and raw.

Like at a campfire with Friends :)

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Hello @blackibutterfly how are you? nice to meet you and welcome to the 160th week of the Hive Open Mic, I have seen that this is already your 2nd participation, I welcome you to this family that is found throughout the planet, where weekly we sing to Global Harmony 🙏🌎🌍🌏☮️🕊️💖!!!

For being a new member of the community I will leave you the suggested guidelines for publication 👉 ... please read them and if you have any questions I am at your service. By itself, you have complied with most of them but I must make important observations for you to keep in mind for your next presentations; the first one is that the title of your post, must also carry the number of the week and as you have brought your own song the title of your post should be like this: Hive Open Mic week 160 / Somewhere In The Middle (Original Song) by @blackibutterfly.

The second thing is that it would be great if in the written part of your post you could tell us more about the song and relate it to the theme of the week in a broader way; remember that what you write should complement your presentation very well. And finally, in tune with your talent, it is important that you become more integrated in the community... this great family is characterized by having a lot of support among its participants for what I advise you to visit and value other artists (of your preference) since this process is also taken into account by the moderators/curators and in this way you will have a good support for each post you bring.

Your song is very cool, I liked the lyrics, if you wish, you can include the lyrics in your post since it is your own, for the covers there is another methodology that is in the guidelines 👍😉.

Thank you very much for joining us once again, we hope to see you next week... greetings... You Rockkk! 🙌😀💛