A simple explanation of affiliate marketing


For a very long time I have heard a lot of people talk about affiliate marketing, online sales and the rest, but I have never thought of doing my research or considering it to be part of my carrier for once, not until I was introduced to the affiliate market by a very close friend, and that was when I thought of doing my research on it and knowing what it's really bring. not by just hearing this time around, but by knowing how it works entirely.

Affiliate marketing is about you advertising products for a particular company or companies, and then whatever sales they make through your invite link, you will have a certain percentage for it. so that is to say that you will have to refer people to buy products from the website of the company, so it's just as simple as that. I know a lot of time people talk about the good sides, and never think to look at the darkside of it all, and so I'm going to be explaining the ''advantages and the disadvantages of affiliate'' marketing on my next post, just so you know what you are headed for but as for this post, I'm just going to focus on explaining to you what affiliate marketing is all about which I'm already doing.

So for you to be part of this, first of all, you will have to register. and as for some companies, they have a payment method that is to say that you will have to pay to be able to have access to their products for advertisement, and as for some companies, you will pay 10K naira. this is for Nigerians, and as for some companies they have as low as 5k naira, and I've not heard of any free one for now, but I'm still going to make my research about it so that I can bring to you helpful information on how you can get into the affiliate market the easiest way without so much struggle. I believe that is why some people have experience so much and they can make things easier for the newbies by explaining the system like I'm doing now.

So as soon as you are done with the registration you have access to different products, and you will decide which product you want to go for, and you will have to be very sensitive about this part, because this is where the whole game starts. so you need to know what your customers want so you can go straight to what you know that will be easy for people to get, or what people are demanding the most.

Another thing I want you to know before I put an end to this article is that, if a customer get a product through your link, you get a certain percentage from it. And if the product the customer got is not good or it has to be refund, then you have nothing to worry about as it is not your part to play, because you part is to just advertise, so when they click on the link it takes them to the company's website, and whatever is going on there, you have nothing to deal with, and so in such scenario, you still have nothing to do with it. So it is totally the customer and the company's transaction. so I hope this was helpful to brighten you on what affiliate marketing is all about?

Affiliate marketing all the way

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