Give me this and you have my blessings


Eating healthy is one of the keys to living happily in life for me. why I'm saying for me specifically is because I don't want someone to misinterpret my intentions. for me personally eating healthy is everything most especially when you are watching out for your fitness, your health and feeling bright all the time.

Now these are my best. just last week I made some of these for myself my aunt, my mum and damn!!! it was so good. funny enough it wasn't enough lol, like it's never enough why? this is something that you will want to keep taking every single day, but hey! take things easy, calm down a bit.

funny enough just two days ago, I got a call from my aunt inviting me back to her house to do my magic again how crazy? and I'm already planning my visit and it's going to be this week, and this time around is going to be a fruitful weekend. every single day is going to be fruits up on fruits how awesome?

These past days now, I have been taking a lot of break and during this break time, I cook a lot, I do things, explore more, learn how to cook different dishes, learn how to bake whatever that is bakeable, and trust me I have improved so much. for those of you that have me on WhatsApp, you guys know what I'm talking about, because I post there always, whatever activities going on with me is always broadcast on my WhatsApp status. my WhatsApp is quite an entertainment plug because I do post a lot of stuff, not just anything but important things.

I believe I have some fruit lovers in the house as well, hey fruit lovers! can you show yourself let's explore different fruits, test all the fruits we have been dreaming of, test every fruit that is healthy, explore more and take lovely pictures, and share how we feel about living a healthy lifestyle, what do you think? I have to confess that this is one of my best combinations, just saying in case you want to surprise me a birthday package or whatever, just simple combination like this will solve it all.

Fruitful me