The Best Part Of Thanksgiving: Part 1



It's not REALLY Butter, is it?

I always joke that, Thanksgiving is a Holiday that allows us many ways to Channel Butter into our inner selves... but is it, really the Best part of Thanksgiving?

Our family, well, we have this massive Turkey Dinner with all the fixin's only a rare few times a year. But, @biggerjoe @bbqgriffinwings @quirky.countess and @dreemsteem are living in a place where, the @biggerjoe's kitchen is almost always cooking a Turkey dinner on Friday Nights. Each Week is a new group, so, they make a special dinner for the group.


AND the group LOVES the amazing meal that comes to their table. But, is it special for the families that see it every week, month after month, year after year? Probably not as special, to them. They do agree, however, about the best part of the meal. AND the most important ingredient.

My stuffing starts with Butter, above. into a pan and melts...

First, gather Onion, Celery, and butter. This is the last onion from my garden, and the last of the Green Onion from my Red Beard Bunching Onion. Sadly, the celery is store bought.

Dice the onion and into the pan with the melted butter on medium low heat.


Let that simmer, and gather the Celery.



Give the Celery, including the greens at the tops of the stalks, a good dice, too! Take the diced Celery, and add it to the Onion, simmering. Let that all simmer a reduce down. Sweat out the onion and soften the celery.


For me, I admit, I cheat here. I use a boxed mix for Stuffing: Bell's Stuffing.
However, for those of you not cheating, diced and chop up some bread, add in celery seed, dried marjoram, dried rosemary, dried sage, dried thyme, ground sea salt and black pepper to taste. The Main spice of stuffing is usually Sage, at Thanksgiving.


The boxed stuffing, into a bowl. Actually, for me, I made 3 boxes for Thanksgiving Day (and a fourth, the day after!) Bring just under 4 cups (about 900 ml) of water to boil for EACH BOX of stuffing you make. That's about 11 cups (2700ml). Once it is boiling, stir in the bread stuffing, and the onion and celery mix.


I do bake some of my stuffing in a large covered baking dish, and put some of the stuffing into the bird itself:


Part One, the Stuffing.
As I said before, the best part of Thanksgiving, is not the meal. No, even for those of us, who rarely eat this large Turkey Meal with all the extra side dishes and amazing stuffing... well, we agree with those families that eat this once a week:

It's NOT the spices, or the turkey, not stuffing, nor even the butter... no, the most important ingredient in this Holiday meal, is LOVE!

It's important: If you HAVE EXCESS, give to others... SHARE!
I believe this with my heart.

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sorry the best part is the leftovers the next day when you can sit down and enjoy it in peace after all the work the day before.