An Ordinary Beach

The small town on the Greek island of Thassos. Limenaria is the second-largest city on the island but it's still a very small town.

A small town, a small beach. It is not always true, there are wonderful exceptions but in this case, this statement is true. In the city center, near the port is a small beach. When I first arrived in Greece, on the island of Thassos, in Limenaria, and saw this beach, I was scared. I thought it was the only beach. Then I found out that there are several beaches, small and large, near the city. From a few hundred meters to a few kilometers.

The beach in the city center is for the laziest, I think, who do not want to take a shorter or longer walk to another beach.

In the evening, when I walked on the main boulevard of the city, I always saw the late ones on this beach.


Some silhouettes. People in love with the beach and the sea who do not want to break up too soon. I remember the times when I was young and I went to the sea every year, to my country, to the Black Sea. My favorite place was a fishing village called Vama-Veche where there is no other attraction than the sea. Then we used to stay on the beach until late at night.


For stories, for a glass of vodka or beer. Very pleasant moments.

IMG_20170913_192459 (1).jpg


Eventually, the latecomers on the beach will be the first to reach the tavern tables.


Limenaria beach is more than modest, far from the beauty of exotic beaches. I was interested in showing the spirit of the beach and the people, that is, the silhouettes that refuse to leave the place before nightfall.

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Lomonaria looks so awesome, I plan to visit Greece next year this town must deserve a little trip. Look so calm and peaceful


Your silhouettes, along with you words have a wonderful way of weaving your story, giving it life. You have become a master teller of stories with your own personal history. They are always a joy to read.

Good luck with the contest! Enjoy your upcoming week!


I've never lived near the sea, but it's something I'm eagerly looking forward to it. I think I will go for an holiday o beach side, to experience what life's there is all about.

Those silhouettes are cutes. I think those moments are best to spend by beach side, especially for love birds.
Thanks for sharing.