Little Ilinca and the Trees

All children's wishes must be fulfilled. Even the unspoken ones. Little Ilinca doesn't know how to talk yet, but we knew that her greatest wish is to see trees, real trees, not the ones in the city that in the meantime have turned into... city trees.

Ilinca knows, even if she doesn't say it, that the real trees are in the forest, so she wants us to go to the forest. She doesn't know that she is too small to go to the forest but we do and so we found a solution that is convenient for all of us. We will go to the gardens of Mogosoaia Palace. The palace, built around 1600 is a real jewel and its gardens are former forests, arranged as parks. In this way we will walk through a forest with Ilinca, the trees will be forest trees but the place is not really a forest, it is laid out as a park. An enormous park, with a palace, now turned museum, just a few kilometers from the city (Bucharest). Fortunately, we live in the convenient part of the city, i.e. the part closest to Mogosoaia.


Many trees have been cut down to make way for lovely glades, once the favorite spot of the princesses who lived in the palace, now an ideal place for walking, free for all to enjoy.



The lawn, the green carpet, also plays an important role. The lawn requires a lot of work and care. A job that makes all the money, the contrast between the vast meadows and the tall trees making the landscape beautiful.



I heard a joke.

A Russian (could be any of the recently wealthy Eastern Europeans) with a lot of money had laid out a garden around his villa, bought lawns in England but was not satisfied with the quality. He went to England to complain about the quality of the lawn. The English gardeners asked him if he watered the lawn and the Russian replied that he watered it every day. Since when the gardeners ask. The Russian emphatically replied that it had been a year. Well, say the English gardeners, we've been watering it for 500 years!

The response was full of truth and wisdom that underlines tradition, seriousness, and skill!




I think that here, in Mogosoaia, the lawn has been watered for about twenty years. It will take another half a millennium to reach the English level.

Finally, we don't chase perfection and for us, it's perfect as it is and we're glad that we have the opportunity to walk on this green carpet. But most of all we appreciate the beauty of the garden and the trees.


So that you can appreciate how big these trees are, hundreds of years old, I sat next to one. I am 1.8 m tall, so I think you can understand how tall the tree is!


I forgot to tell you about Ilinca and how she was impressed by these beautiful trees. She was so excited and impressed that she fell asleep as soon as we entered the garden. Probably the much cooler and cleaner air than she is used to in the city was to "blame".


She slept all the time and so I understood that she is not interested in the architecture of the Palace of the former ruler of Romania, Constantin Brancoveanu.


Of course, little Ilinca has plenty of time to see, understand and appreciate both gardens and architecture. Her life is just beginning and surely the future will be exciting and different from the reality we live in now.


For #TreeTuesday by @old-guy-photos.

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