Reflection Hunters Contest - Ilinca

My third attempt in this contest. I started hunting in the same park, but this time the main reason was not photography, it was a pleasant walk with my little niece, Ilinca.

I can say that Ilinca brought me luck and helped me to participate in the contest with photos other than the classic images in natural mirrors.

I would have liked to diversify and look for other reflections, not only the classic ones and the easiest to photograph, as they are the ones reflected in the water of some lakes. A sky with clouds and sun and calm water, without waves and wind, is enough for excellent photos. Nature helps a lot, in fact, nature is the biggest contribution in such images.

In the same park... but not alone!

It was such a beautiful day.

For the contest:


My intention was to photograph, again, reflections in the lake water. I made a few, I put them at the bottom.
Then by chance did the rest. At the end of the walk, I wanted to take some photos with Ilinca, through the car window. She in her child's seat and I outside.


The car window showed the interior (Ilinca and her grandmother) and at the same time the image of me and the trees in the park.


Although I somehow saw the image in the car window, I didn't imagine what it would be like, and because of that, the surprise was great. This is one of my favorite photos, maybe because she is with Ilinca. Ilinca is one year and three months old.

I took more pictures, of course.



If it weren't for the photos with Ilinca, I would have participated with the photo below.



I'm glad that I manage to participate in other kinds of reflections, not only those in the shine of water.

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