Ghosts: End of the Line.

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This time I'm going to show my second play of Call of Duty: Ghosts where I completed a mission: Ghosts: End of the Line.


Call of Duty: Ghosts was developed by Infinity Ward and published by ACTIVISION and released worldwide for windows at November 5 2013. It's a first-person shooter video game.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is set in the near future that follows the nuclear destruction of the Middle East. The oil-producing nations of South America form the Federation of the Americas in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
The game's main protagonists are the Ghosts, a force of U.S. Special Operations personnel trained to conduct clandestine missions behind enemy lines. The unit is led by retired U.S. Army Captain Elias Walker (Stephen Lang). He is joined by his sons Logan and David "Hesh" Walker (Brandon Routh),along with a trained German Shepherd named Riley, Captain Thomas A. Merrick (Jeffrey Pierce), and Gunnery Sergeant Keegan P. Russ (Brian Bloom).
The game's main antagonist is Gabriel T. Rorke (Kevin Gage), the former leader of the Ghosts who works for the Federation after being captured and brainwashed by the Federation via torture and hallucinogens. To know more, check this out.

I published the gameplay recording on youtube.

Watch on youtube.

This mission was about infiltrating a weapon factory to find out what the Federation has been building.

Screenshot (1).png

It was at North of Rio de Janeiro, Federation Territory at June 27th and it was Logan Walker whom I got to play the mission with. This mission took place at the same day of Into the Deep.

Screenshot (2).png

There we were inside a forest in a stormy night. It was Merrick and me there for the mission (I thought).

Screenshot (3).png

After slowly walking forward a little, we've found two enemy soldiers talking among themselves and we had to drop kill them.

Screenshot (4).png

There I killed on and Merrick killed the other one with knives. Then we had the updated objective to infiltrate the factory.

Screenshot (6).png

We kept moving forward while I've heard from the comms that there are more of our team members who have eyes on the factory.

Screenshot (7).png

And then we approached our entry and we went close to the factory and we jumped to the ground.

Screenshot (8).png

More of our team members joined us from there and there was an enemy guard standing close to a train whom I took down silently with the knife.

Then we kept moving forward and we've found some enemy soldiers doing something over there and we took the shot and killed them all. We had silencer set to our weapons. In the meantime I switched my handgun with a big gun of an enemy.

Screenshot (9).png

Then one of our team member opened a shutter door and there were two enemy soldiers and I killed both of them.

Screenshot (10).png

Now we had the updated objective to access the black zone.
There were some enemy soldiers on the way that we had to take down and it seems the enemy solders wanted to make it safe whatever was there.

Screenshot (11).png

To access the black zone, we had to walk through a tunnel covered with white fabrics.

Screenshot (12).png

It looks like a weapon factory where they were manufacturing missiles.

Screenshot (13).png

Now I had the update objective to upload visual scans of the weaponized rods so I activated the camera and did the thing.

Screenshot (14).png

And then we had the updated objective to investigate the factory computer records from the server room and to get to the server room, we needed to pass another tunnel made of white fabrics and another machine room and we didn't found any enemy soldiers on the way.

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

After getting to the server room, we had to find data and collect from the computers and I had one computer to collect the data from.

While collecting the data, we could see from the CCTV live footage that enemy soldiers were heading towards us so we got the order to grab the data and escape fast.

Screenshot (17).png

Suddenly there was a blast and enemy soldiers came to the server room and we somehow took them down and saved ourselves.

Now we had the updated final objective to escape the factory.

Screenshot (18).png

Some of our teammates threw smoke bombs so both the enemy and we couldn't see each other so we activated thermal vision and killed the enemy soldiers that our thermal vision could target and it looked easy in this way but it was not a permanent play so we came back to normal fighting after some times and we killed the enemy soldiers deactivating the thermal vision.

Screenshot (19).png

Then we escaped the factory through the rooftop and one of our team members started driving a big truck and the rest of us got on the back of the truck.

Screenshot (20).png

There were destruction everywhere as a chopper was throwing bombs, its got to be our chopper as the factory was getting destroyed by the bombs although I shot the chopper for a moment thinking its enemy chopper.

There were enemy vehicles following us and we shot them down as well.

Screenshot (21).png

Screenshot (22).png

At last the mission was completed as we escaped the factory without getting us followed anymore.

I stopped playing from there. I will show more play of this game if I continue it.

My PC Specs:
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3.60 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
GPU: GTX 1050ti

Image Source: In game screenshots + Ghosts Logo + hivegc official logo & banner + official logo.

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To be honest man, I was skipping your gameplay while watching but I was still getting the thrill of the mission. The storm of the beginning is real cool.
When playing this game, sometimes it feels like you're in a real mission as a soldier and not in a game and that's what I like the most about this game or some other call of duty.


Yeah buddy the game gives much thrill like I'm in a mission myself. Thanks for commenting.