Ghosts: Sin City.

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This time I'm going to show my second play of Call of Duty: Ghosts where I completed a mission: Sin City.


Call of Duty: Ghosts was developed by Infinity Ward and published by ACTIVISION and released worldwide for windows at November 5 2013. It's a first-person shooter video game.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is set in the near future that follows the nuclear destruction of the Middle East. The oil-producing nations of South America form the Federation of the Americas in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
The game's main protagonists are the Ghosts, a force of U.S. Special Operations personnel trained to conduct clandestine missions behind enemy lines. The unit is led by retired U.S. Army Captain Elias Walker (Stephen Lang). He is joined by his sons Logan and David "Hesh" Walker (Brandon Routh),along with a trained German Shepherd named Riley, Captain Thomas A. Merrick (Jeffrey Pierce), and Gunnery Sergeant Keegan P. Russ (Brian Bloom).
The game's main antagonist is Gabriel T. Rorke (Kevin Gage), the former leader of the Ghosts who works for the Federation after being captured and brainwashed by the Federation via torture and hallucinogens. To know more, check this out.

I published the gameplay recording on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube.

This mission was about returning to the safehouse and wait for Keegan after getting caught by Rorke.
It was at Las Vegas NV, Federation Territory at July 27th and it was Logan Walker whom I got to play the mission with.

Screenshot (3).png

It was like my character Logan just awake from a long sleep and the first face we saw was Rorke.

Screenshot (4).png

And there's Elias Walker with his hands tied, we were tied as well and captured by the team of Rorke although I don't know how they were captured after went for a mission.

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

Rorke was asking Elias about the whereabouts of Keegan and when Elias refused, Rorke shot my character Logan.

Screenshot (7).png

While Rorke was torturing Elias to get the information he wants, I grabbed the handgun from Rorke's waist but I couldn't shoot him as my character was injured. Then Rorke was pointing the gun from my hand towards Elias and after trying hard to stop it I understood that its the destiny of Elias so I just left it and Elias got a shot.

Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (9).png

Then Rorke shot Elias with three more rounds and threw him on the ground and yeah its the end of Elias Walker.

Everything turned black but no Logan didn't die.

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

It was 12:02 when my character was awaken and there was an enemy soldier about to shot and kill David.

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

Suddenly the enemy soldiers were shot down by our saviors. David grabbed a rifle and was beating the enemy soldier who was left to our hands. It was Keegan who came for us but unfortunately he was late as Elias was already dead and fortunately not all the ghosts members were dead yet.

I grabbed a handgun and started shooting the enemy soldiers who were coming towards us.

Screenshot (14).png

Then I grabbed a rifle and started following Merrick and David and we needed to be quiet as it was enemy territory. And then Keegan joined us.

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

We had to hid in a room at a point when there were enemy soldiers coming for us and one enemy soldier came right towards us and Keegan took him down with a knife.

Screenshot (17).png

Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (19).png

The building where we were captured in looked like a museum in Egypt. We kept moving and we had to fight a lot of enemy soldiers on our way out.

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (21).png

At a point, there were enemy soldiers on all the path so we had to jump from the windows and we fell inside a lower storied room.

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (23).png

When we were out, there was Riley attacking enemy soldiers and sadly Riley was shot and injured so I had to carry Riley to the extraction point.

Screenshot (24).png

But it was not easy to carry Riley when I couldn't hold the gun and there were enemy soldiers everywhere. So I sometimes put Riley down and shoot the enemies and there were two enemy choppers that we took down as well.

Screenshot (25).png

That chopper you're seeing there is not an enemy chopper, its our recruiters coming to recruit us.

Screenshot (26).png

The chopper landed there and we headed towards the chopper and we were saved.

I stopped playing from there. I will show more play of this game if I continue it.

My PC Specs:
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3.60 GHz
RAM: 16.0 GB
GPU: GTX 1050ti

Image Source: In game screenshots + Ghosts Logo + hivegc official logo & banner + official logo.

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