Original poetry: "By fire", by bonzopoe



By fire

Because of this cold that runs through my soul
I've decided to set fire to the curtains,
set fire to the bed,
and burn the house to the ground.

I need to melt all the memories
that have been kept in their corners,
the dreams that could have fallen during these years
and are in some crack taking root.

Today that the cold and I are one,
I see that the past grabs by the nails
of any glimmer of hope,
and the little of you that I haven't thrown away
over the years.

So I'll make a fire with the memories
that I have left of the taste of your mouth,
and I will throw to the wind the ashes still burning
of the dead letters that you wrote to me.

I'll rip the remains of your skin
that still live in my nails,
and I will erase the tape of my memory
in which your whispers and silences are recorded.

I will break all the mirrors
so as not to see you hidden
in the reflection of my eyes,
and I won't open my mouth again
to avoid your rebirth through my tongue.

Today that the cold and I are one,
I will become grave and coffin,
victim and sufferer,
shovel and soil that will be your eternal destiny.

And while the fire destroys the ice,
I will pray in silence watching the flames,
and I will take communion for the last time
to atone for the sin of your name,
and get to heaven finally free of you.

©bonzopoe, 2022.


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