Original poetry: "Stones", by bonzopoe





I'm kicking stones like I kick my luck,
like my luck kicks me
as if I were a stone.

I'm rolling, falling apart
and polishing me in the way,
turning me into a perfect circle
while I lose parts of myself.

I am shaping the stone that I kick
as if it were myself,
taking care not to break it in the process,
taking care not to break me in the process.

Stone of my shoe I am,
kicking the stone of my luck
that kicks me like I'm stone.

No one knows what I have inside
not even this stone that I mold
as if it were myself,
and that I care as if I feared hurting it.

And there is nothing safe from pain,
not even a stone,
not even the stone that I kick,
and kicks me back like I'm a stone.

Suddenly it breaks, and I break,
and I see that it has colored crystals inside
result of pressure and time.
I make a minute of silence in the middle of the void,
and I smile: there is still hope.

©bonzopoe, 2022.


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